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Using Egg Shells for Protection!

Updated: Feb 11

What is Cascarilla?

In short it is ground up eggs shells. Please note there is more to it than that and if you are considering making your own there are processes needed to ensure bacteria is not present, otherwise it defeats the purpose.

What does it do?

Cascarilla repels negative energy and can put a protective shield around you and your environment/home/space.

How do you use it?

You can achieve this by sprinkling Cascarilla around the perimeter of your house, on your windowsills. Additionally or alternatively you can add it to a floor wash, or wiped around the bottom of your doorways or anywhere in your house that there is an opening to the outside.

A ritualistic bath with a teaspoon of the powder can prove to be helpful.

You can also add honey and or salt to the bath for added magical purification, additional herbs.

You can also sprinkle some on you like fairy dust and imagine a white light surrounding you in an egg shape... but if you do this please do not breath the dust in.

Disclaimer: Obviously do not use if you are allergic to egg or egg shells.

Warrior Strength to those who deserve it & Destruction to those who need it!

International Psychic Medium Witch Madame Verveine+ Witchcraft Practitioner Author Artist Mentor Owner and Founder of BeWitchy
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