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Booking Policy

You must arrive on time. If you are late, you only receive the portion of the booking that remains for the same cost - not discounted, if you were to have purchased the entire reading in 1 hit.


You can not go over time, unless there is time to do so and you will be charged accordingly to going over that booking time. 


WE HAVE A VERY STRICT BOOKING POLICY - All Bookings are FINAL> we do not cancel and we do not reschedule. The only option or chance for reschedules, is if MV or a staff member is unwell.  There are no exceptions to these rules.

If you are genuinely unwell and your booking pertains to a reading, you can have your reading as a video, phone, live typed chat or email reading.

Under no circumstances do we allow rescheduling. If you can not make your booking or have a contagious illness, you will not receive a refund or rescheduling and a contagious illness will mean you have an obligation to not attend your service.


Any agreeance of a possible rescheduling, due to your "contagious illness" is at the discretion of the owner but comes with the following clause "We will only allow 2 rebooking attempts. If for some reason we continue to not match up (where you have also declined offers of booking times) or come to a compromise, your service booking is null and void (without refund) and you will need to purchase another booking." This is applicable to all bookings, even where the booking or purchase was a gift.

You agree to the terms and conditions, contracts, non-disclosure's when you make a booking with us. IMPORTANT CONTRACT NOTICE: All booking clients will receive an email contract, that they must sign prior to their appointment. Failure to do so, may lead to refusal of service.

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