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"Unlocking the Secrets of Black Salt: A Quickie Guide to Effective Usage"

  • Black salt serves as a valuable tool for creating circles, but caution is advised due to its potential to stain surfaces with charcoal residue.

  • Before purifying your living space, incorporate a small amount of black salt into floor washes to drive away negative energies and malevolent entities, using only a pinch to prevent staining.

  • Establish a protective barrier by encircling your home with black salt.

  • Sprinkle black salt in your surroundings to dispel malevolence and negativity.

  • To enhance protection and combat negative influences, add black salt to the Water of Mars for heightened effectiveness in removing obstacles.

  • Placing a discreet bag of black salt in your workplace is believed to absorb negative emotions like anger and rumours.

  • For a peaceful night's rest, place black salt beneath or near your bed to ward off nightmares.

  • It is important to recognize the potent nature of black salt before employing it to expel someone from your residence, as its effects can be enduring.

Preparation for the making of Black Salt.


  • Combine 2 parts sea salt with 1 part of the following: cast iron skillet or pot scrapings, fine ash or charcoal from a fire pit, finely ground black pepper, dry powdered black food colouring, or ash from incense burnings. Feel free to use a blend of these elements for a versatile black salt mixture.

  • You can if you like, also add other things, such as herbs...

  • Alternatively, you can add things such as cayenne pepper and chili if you wish to turn it into an even more powerful banishing tool.

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