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How to Ground Spiritually

Grounding through water, sea salt and sand.
Woman grounding at the beach

Symptoms of being ungrounded can vary from headaches to being clumsy and everything in between.

What is grounding?

Partly grounding is the process of increasing your awareness of your connection to and establishing an energetic equilibrium between yourself and the planet Earth.

It is the act of connecting and balancing our spiritual and physical being to the earths energy.

When you come into existence, you establish a link between your physical body and the Earth through what can be referred to as your chakra system. The "Root Chakra" serves as the primary center for grounding.

Your physical body is linked to the Earth through its elements, and further connected by the consumption of food, water, air, and more throughout your lifetime. It's essential to recognize that you have an inherent connection to the Earth.

On a larger scale, both you and the Earth are manifestations of source energy vibrations, essentially unified. The practice of "grounding" involves focusing on this connection and restoring its balance.

Planet earth has the power to calm us, just like a baby with a bottle - well not quite! But I wanted to see if you were still paying attention. Planet earth though does have the power to calm our energy, rebalance it as it were.

Grounding is Essential.

"Establishing a connection with the Earth offers various energetic and physical advantages. When your energy system is in balance, your body and mind receive the necessary support to perform at their best, enabling you to tackle physical and mental obstacles with greater ease. This balance can also aid in healing, prevent illness, and maintain overall well-being."

What leads to feeling ungrounded?

Being ungrounded can result from an energy field imbalance in the root chakra. Various factors can contribute to this condition, depending on the individual. Every day life stresses can cause us to become feeling ungrounded.

Trauma can also lead to being very ungrounded.

Psychic Vampires, or people who drain our energy, can lead to being ungrounded.

Our spiritual journey: In this transformative period, humanity is rediscovering its true essence and exploring its potential. While focusing intensely on spiritual growth is positive, neglecting the earthly aspects of life can create a disparity. Balancing both aspects will not only stabilize your energy but also foster personal growth, enhancing your spiritual awareness and capabilities.

Have you ever heard of someone saying that their psychic came across nutty or airy fairy? that is why - most likely they are not grounded.

Some individuals have recently arrived on Earth for the first time (if you believe in past life stuff) or after spending lives elsewhere. They may feel a strong connection to their previous incarnation, causing mixed feelings about being on Earth. This resistance can impact well-being. It's important to embrace being from Earth while maintaining connections to other places. Earth provides unconditional support during this transition.

These practices and beliefs and others can stimulate your higher chakras, sometimes neglecting your Root Chakra.

Prolonged focus on this imbalance can disrupt your system, making you feel disconnected.

This can hinder learning and exploring higher spiritual realms like enhancing intuition, connecting with guides, and elevating your vibration.

A harmonious system enables your vibration to ascend, facilitating growth and exploration with the grounding support of the Earth beneath you.

So when experiencing anything in life, we should really make grounding a part of our daily ritual and habit.

A connection to Earth is inherent to every being that resides on the planet. Earth holds a unique and sacred place in the universe, much like a mother figure. Without Earth, the remarkable opportunity to exist would not be possible. This planet provides everything essential for life - food, water, air, shelter, medicines, clothing, and even synthetic materials that originate from its elements. The profound interconnection between you and your planet, both physically and energetically, should not be underestimated. Recognizing and valuing this relationship will not only foster personal growth but will also be crucial as humanity progresses and evolves.

Hand touching tree
Touching a tree to ground

How do you ground? Here are a few methods you might find effective:

Food: Natural foods derived from the Earth have a grounding effect. Opt for foods with a more natural source for better results. Root vegetables, having absorbed nutrients and minerals from the Earth, are a great starting point when feeling ungrounded. Incorporating more of these into your diet can help. Nuts and certain meats, especially red meat, can also aid in grounding.

Visualization is a highly effective method for achieving balance in your energy field. We will propose one visualization technique, but remember, if it doesn't align with you, feel free to customize it according to your intuition.

Step one: Find a comfortable spot to sit or lie down, ensuring you can focus for a while. Laying on grass just alone can be very grounding. You can do this at a park or in your own backyard, permitting, regularly just by itself.

Step two: Take slow breaths, inhaling for 4-6 seconds and exhaling for the same duration. Concentrate on your breathing for a brief period. If you are sitting or standing, I recommend removing your footwear and going barefoot.

Step three: Envision roots extending from your root chakra into the Earth, reaching the core while a beam of light extends from your crown chakra towards the universe.

Step four: Continue breathing, visualizing energy rising from the Earth through your chakras and spreading through your body. Then, send energy out through your crown chakra and receive high-frequency energy from the universe.

Step five: Repeat this breathing exercise and visualization for as long as needed, whether it's before bed, at work, or during meditation.


The Using of Grounding Stones: Various natural elements from the Earth possess grounding properties, with gemstones and rocks being particularly notable. These elements can effectively ground you both energetically and physically simultaneously.

While there are numerous options available, some stones that are especially effective include Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Shungite, Obsidian, Red Jasper and or Tigers Eye. Some swear by Rose Quartz and others Selenite - the king of all clearing stones.

Physically touching a natural object like the ground, a body of water, or a tree has an immediate grounding effect.

Woman not wearing shoes walking in nature
Woman walking barefoot in nature

This can be achieved by walking barefoot on grass, touching soil, feeling a leaf, or immersing your hand in water. Skin contact or a natural, conductive material is essential for this technique to be effective and almost instant. Indoor grounding technologies that utilize electrical outlets are also available to help you ground yourself while staying indoors.

The optimal method for grounding varies for each person and their unique journey. To find your way, trust your instincts, explore the recommendations given, and settle on one that resonates with you.

So what are you waiting for? Getting grounding witches, witchettes and normal folks.

Healthline website provides comprehensive techniques with regards grounding for the purpose of calming anxiety symptoms.

If you are feeling anxious or super stressed here are some other techniques...

54321 Technique
54321 Technique

54321 Technique
54321 Technique

7 mindfulness exercises
7 mindfulness exercises

7 mindfulness exercises No 1
7 mindfulness exercises No 1

7 mindfulness exercises No 2
7 mindfulness exercises No 2

7 mindfulness exercises No 3
7 mindfulness exercises No 3

7 mindfulness exercises No 4
7 mindfulness exercises No 4

7 mindfulness exercises No 5
7 mindfulness exercises No 5

7 mindfulness exercises No 6
7 mindfulness exercises No 6

7 mindfulness exercises No 7
7 mindfulness exercises No 7

7 mindfulness exercises
7 mindfulness exercises

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