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Image by Krystal Ng

Our BeWitchy® Projects

Some of our branded products & services.

We service and sell worldwide!

*This page is still under construction.


From your fav mug to all sorts of things including bedding, curtains and so forth.


Custom designed and created by our team, candles of all sorts and types. Wax Melts.


From creams through to make up and tools! Cosmetics And training. We also offer this as a service. Soaps plus more!


We create our own music. We also produce and release signed artists. Video production as well.


Our own brand - from t-shirts to wedding dresses, we do it all. Children and Adults. 

Health & Fitness

Training and Equipment.


Purses, makeup bags, back packs, couture handbags, luggage etc...


We create and produce our own magazine. We welcome advertisers.


From thongs (flip flops) through to heels and boots, sneakers, we do it all!


We design and create some magnificent pieces. From fashion jewellery through to gold.


A witchy festival online and in person offering entertainment, products and service sales. Stall holders are also invited to attend.


Training, Courses, Printables and Equipment.

Graphic Design & Hosting

Graphic Design & Website Services. We also offer domain purchasing, hosting and so forth.

Business Support

We offer professional business support services.


From thongs (flip flops) through to heels and boots, sneakers, we do it all!

Art & Animations

We create and sell art. Animations. Amongst so many other things.

Tattoos & Piercing

Tattoos and body piercing is now an offered service. Along with the sales of associated products.


Training and Equipment.


Custom designed fabrics.

Dating & Matchmaking Services

We offer professional personal dating support services.


From herbs through to essential oil blends. We have a huge variety. Incense & Smudge Sticks. We also make our own tea!

Hair Accessories

Hair clips and all that jazz!

Psychic & Astrology Services

We offer spiritual consultation.


We offer wholesale products to retail stores.


Custom Perfumes.


Dolls, Voodoo Dolls. 


Gift cards & All sorts of branded stationary as well!


Tarot, Oracle, Board Games.

Psychic & Astrology Services

We offer spiritual consultation.


From sunnies through to reading specs!


We write and create a wide range of book types.


We are also trademarked for the brand creation of alcohol and service of alcohol. We have new products coming soon!


Furniture design, restoration, original designs plus more!

Advertising & Marketing

Services and creations of.

Other Services

Aromatherapy, hair, meditation, reiki, hypnotherapy, reflexology etc.

Costumes & Hats

Hats, caps, costumes of many.

Bar & Cafe

Look out for the new bar and cafe coming soon!

Other products

Again we offer way too many products to mention here.


We offer printing services, which can compliment the design work you may have had with us.

Weddings & Funerals

We are adding to our range of services. By request funerals and weddings etc for the Pagan/Witch in you!

Fashion Consultancy

Not sure what to wear or how to dress? We can help you find your style!

Much more!

Chocolates, food, confectionary and much more! We are branded for way too many things to list here but if you search our store and bookings area, you will see other elements or find them on other business platforms.

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