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We have for the past several years encouraged our clients and customers to join our recycling program for glass jars and bottles.

We specifically started out with our candle jars.

I mean it makes sense right? Gunna ditch it? No way! recycle it.

We encouraged our customers to either reuse the jars and send us pics of or to simply

return the jar and then offer you a $2 discount from your next purchase. Some jars gave you a $5 discount!

How does it work now?

So this is how it works now... return to us, without damage any jar or bottle or whatever marked with our recycle symbol during the open hours of our main store and head office OR post them to us.

Addresses are shown below on the footer of this website.

When posting to us, please post to the PO Box.

Unfortunately if your items arrive damage we can not credit you any monies on your account, so please ensure you wrap them properly.


When you return by post, please include your name, address, phone number - it must be all the same as it is on our website - we won't chase you up if you give us the wrong info - in fact we might not be able to.

How do you get your funds?

Simply put, we credit you funds to your account. We do not give cash or do bank transfers, the funds work as a credit on your account only to use for purchases and bookings from the website.

Who's paying for postage if I do not live locally?

Do we expect you to do this?

Not at all! It is completely up to you and your conscious. If you're ok with killing the environment, you do you (JOKING!!!).

No seriously, we don't mind what you do and promise to not give it a second thought.

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