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Removing Financial Spiritual Blocks

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Removing Financial Spiritual Blocks (similar techniques can be applied to other types of blocks but the green spell candle recipe would differ, as would the chakra concept, for example)

Why do spiritual blockages happen? They can happen for a variety of reasons. I myself have experienced the self inflicted kind and also the kind sent by others. Sent by jealous frenemies.

Sometimes blockages happen because of our trauma or because of our fears - its important to use the following techniques because they will help you determine the cause or at least fight it!

In either case or both, whether this is self inflicted or whether it was intentionally sent your way, spiritual attacks and blockages can be minimalised using these techniques.

A lady laying on bed.
Lady in pain. Feeling blocked overall.


1. Meditate every day/most days - try to not miss any - make it your routine.

When you spend 5 - 30mins meditating most days, you will help heal your mind and restore your balance from any spiritual blockage. Yes it is so!

When you frequently meditate, you will benefit in two ways:

  1. Meditation is the best solution to your stress. It minimises a variety of medical physical conditions, including apparently your blood pressure, stress hormones, and muscle tensions. And will definitely assist in driving away the blocks.

  2. Meditation will bring you to a place of pure consciousness and perhaps help you connect with your intuition and instincts. And additionally give you more confidence with those connections.

A woman meditating outside.
A woman outside meditating.

A woman stretching.
A woman performing Yoga.

2. Yoga

When you practice yogas style of breathing, you cleanse your mind and body from any spiritual blockage.

The two traditional techniques are Bhastrika breathing and Kapalabhati breathing. Both are good in flushing the "negative energy" from your body.

Aim to work on your Yoga 1-3, even 4 times a week, IF you can.

A man and his cat outside.
A man enjoying his cat and outdoors quiet time.

3. Outdoor Nature

Nature is a powerful tool. Get outside into nature itself and embrace its purity!

Whether you are laying on grass, staring at the sky or baking on the beach... it does not matter but it is an imperative part of this process.

Not only will it give you feel good moments but it will also help in grounding you.

This can also help you connect with blocks ie become more aware.

A woman jogging on beach.
A female jogger on the beach.

4. Exercise & keep moving - sit up, do stuff rather than sitting still.

Spiritual blockages effects our mind as well and can cause us to feel tired and lose motivation.

Dance, sing, bounce around your loungeroom or bedroom or get to a gym - whatever the case, get up and move!

Doing this helps activate you!

Moving will help push this blockage out and away from you.

A funny dog.
I am here to make you laugh! I hope it worked.

5. Laugh and be happy! Have fun! Really!

Watch a comedy, go to a comedy show or hang with someone who makes you laugh.

Hang with that 1 friend you know deep down, should have been a comedian - hang with people you know deep down, want to see you happy.

A smile is such a simple thing but is magickal! and it can work magic.

A genuine smile is always contagious. It also helps release neuropeptides - a chemical that helps your body be happy/ lower negative stress levels...

Being happy helps push out negatives! PS sometimes a fake smile can lead to a real one!

Words of affirmation.
Positive Affirmations.

6. Affirmations are the bomb!

Chanting affirmations can help push out the negative as well, including spiritual blockages.

Clock your eyes, see yourself, chant the simple positive affirmations and do it for as long as you can. We recommend 1 affirmation x 1-2mins at most or choose a number ie say it 8-20 times sort of thing.

Think of the chanting of 1 liners as sending positive vibrations through your system.

3 green candles.
Green Candles for candle rituals.

7. Light a candle every day (for 7 days and then once a week for 4 weeks... then once a month at least)

Every day take 1 candle (green works best for finances but white is fine).

Inscribe it from top to bottom (wick to bottom) with words such as "I am financially comfortable" "I am wealthy" "$10,000 comes to me this month", for example. You can anoint in basil, rosemary or peppermint oil and roll in associated herbs such as bayleaf. Allow the candle to burn down.

Taper candles and wish candles are fine - you could also use birthday candles.

A woman meditating on a tree stump.
A woman meditating.

8. Chakra work will help win the way.

Sometimes we can become resistance to change or transition - we can become anxious with that which is unfamiliar - even if and when it is meant to be better for us!

In this case, we will use finance and or business as an example of how to release your chakras etc.

Picture of chakras.
Chakra Diagram.

See the diagram here of your chakras:

  1. Close your eyes and visualise your chakras, starting with your first chakra. I guess essentially I want you to meditate and "look" at each of your chakras... Continue doing a scan. You can stop and each chakra and even take notes ie what you saw or how you felt. Please trust this process, as it does work. It does not matter how silly it seems, it has proven to work for me and my clients.

  2. FIRST CHAKRA: Your first chakra is the ROOT chakra and is red in colour. Ok I want you to light a smudge stick or incense stick and literally cleanse your root chakra. You can do this by squatting in slight only and waving it under your umm crotch area. Once you have done this, visualise vitality (high energetic positive and strength) washing and whipping through you. Visualise that you are on top of your issue (so if its finances or business, see the success, know it, feel it, see you have it, have won it!

  3. SECOND CHAKRA: Is your second chakra is called the SACRAL chakra and is all about your creativity and sex lalala funky stuff... pleasuring etc. PS it's orange! Ok I want you to light a smudge stick or incense stick and literally cleanse your SACRAL area. Wave it around your back and front mid area - focusing on specifically the SACRAL area and keep seeing the orange. Yes it's a common mistake to think the ROOT chakra is about sex etc... see how creative you are and business is booming because of it.

  4. THIRD CHAKRA: Your third is yellow and is called the SOLAR PLEXUS and is all about our confidence and self esteem - so if this is an issue, you know where to go! Ok I want you to light a smudge stick or incense stick and literally cleanse your third chakra. Visualise being confident! You are confident about everything you do within your business.

  5. FOURTH CHAKRA: HEART chakra is green (I know I've always found that odd unless I think of green is for "go"... full speed ahead, green light... and of course is all about our love, compassion and all that jazz. Ok I want you to light a smudge stick or incense stick and literally cleanse your fourth chakra. Visualise clients and customers adoring you and loving the product/s or services you give.

  6. FIFTH CHAKRA: Is our THROAT chakra, yadda ya ya, blah blah, talking... communication is the name of this game. Ok I want you to light a smudge stick or incense stick and literally cleanse your fifth chakra. Visualise speaking and communicating with your customers, sales reps and all business associated people and that there are no miscommunications - the talking and feedback flows.

  7. SIXTH CHAKRA: Indigo is the colour of our THIRD EYE and is how we are intuitively and how we use our imagination. Ok I want you to light a smudge stick or incense stick and literally cleanse your sixth chakra. Visualise coming up with new ideas and ideas that work well. Visualise being 1 step ahead of every issue = pre-empting and staying on top of by use of your intuition.

  8. SEVENTH CHAKRA: is your CROWN chakra! White or indigo, this baby is how we are with our intelligence and awareness - not feeling like you are aware of your surroundings? Ok I want you to light a smudge stick or incense stick and literally cleanse your seventh chakra. See yourself being super smart! You are very aware of all things going on around and within you. You are feeling great about you, people see you as wise and intelligent and you do too! You are your authentic pure and lovely self. You know it. You feel it, others see and feel this. You have found your tribe and or coven. You get it! They get it! You have it together! It is a community! Each time you feel a block, see a block... for example, business has not been great! Then take a good hard look at yourself through meditation. Scan your chakras. Try to leave the emotion at the door - be honest and real about what you see, feel and why! Realisation and acceptance are the first 2 steps... being happy to kick it's shitty ass to the kerb is the finalising steps... do the maths, do the work and it all adds up!

Warrior Strength to those who deserve it & Destruction to those who need it!

International Psychic Medium Witch Madame Verveine+ Witchcraft Practitioner Author Artist Mentor Owner and Founder of BeWitchy
BeWitchy® ©Copyright Protected 2017

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