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How to cleanse your home

Updated: Oct 14, 2023


Smudging is a way to purify space. It is traditionally used prior to a ritual, such as a sacred ceremony or meditation or sometimes after to close but obviously also for the purpose of clearing away or keeping away negative energy.

We can also burn herbs and resins to cleanse a home or other special space, additionally to or instead of white sage or palo santo. It is important to use the correct herb for the corresponding purpose.

Smudging with Sage and Palo Santo has been practiced for centuries by various native tribes in one form or another. The art of smudging is one of the most common ways to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit. The practice of smudging with palo is best for ridding a particular place of unwanted negative energies and entities such as demonic spirits. Most traditional cultures have variations to these cleansing rituals, and many of these also involve burning protective properties like herbs.

Due to cultural appropriation, some people prefer alternatives to using white sage and palo santo (the latter which Psychic Medium Witch Madame Verveine recommends for smudging against spirits ie white sage: negative energy, palo santo: spirit removal)... we also like to be mindful of traditional and cultural uses in our media and suggestions and respect the original beginnings of such sources.

That being said sometimes seeking approval from friends or people in high places, such as an aboriginal leader/elder can give offer some relief with regards our conscious - in the scenario you would still like to proceed but do have some concerns about backlash and not respecting those original and cultural beginnings.

Please always try to show respect.

Just a few smudging herb alternatives for protection:

Chamomile, Cloves, Dill, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Bay Leaves are just a few that can be used to cleanse space.

We stock BeWitchy branded smudge sticks here and also the traditional smudge and palo santo stick alternatives. It is by your own conscious or desire (some people do not like the smell of palo santo or white sage), as to which you choose to use.

Smudging Tips

  1. Trying to remove negative energy while in a negative state of mind can be counter productive and can have the opposite effect in some cases - so please be sure to be in a good place OR at least determined to being so.

  2. Only smudge in your own home or workspace. If it belongs to someone else or if you have a flat mate, be sure to ask for their permission prior to commencing the smudging ritual. Smudging without the persons permission can cause turmoil and strife that will negate your attempt to cleanse negative energies. For example, if anyone does a kind gesture for me energetic wise, I feel it and it often comes across as an attack - even when it is meant well - so ask first!

  3. Be sure to have a shell, bowl, dish, or glass to catch the ash or burning embers. A smudge bowl is best. We sell those also.


  1. Smudge sticks are the easiest to use. A white sage smudge stick is a bundled bunch of sage, white sage, cedar, copal, or sweetgrass that can be easily held or placed in a proper smudge bowl (best and safest).

  2. A bowl or glass to help catch the ash from the burning ingredients. Shells, small bowls, clay pots OR cast iron cauldrons or any type of heat proof bowl really.

  3. A feather or something to fan with can help spread the smoke around the area you are smudging. You can also use your hands for the same purpose. This is referred to as 'wafting'.

Before You Begin

  1. Make sure that the space you are smudging has windows or some other means for the smoke to escape. If it can't escape out a door or window you might find it hard to release that energy.

  2. Do not use smudge sticks near babies, birds, the elderly, or individuals with sensitive respiratory systems. Birds are so sensitive that smoke can make them sick or even kill them. Same as other pets and familiars ie cats and dogs.

  3. Never leave burning smudge unattended. Neverrrrrr.

  4. Place some sand, soil, or even salt in the bottom of the container you are using to help extinguish any left over ash/embers.

Always Be Prepared

  1. Clean the area to be smudged. It always helps to dust, vacuum, and put away clothes, toys, and other items.

  2. Wear or hold an item of protection such an amulet, talisman, or gemstone. A quartz stone is an excellent option as these stones absorb negative energy.

  3. If you have a cluttered and dirty house, smudging it a little pointless in some regards.

What else to consider before commencing?

  1. If you often feel drained, tired, suppressed, or depressed, then chances are that you may have a lot of negative energies around you. That is not to suggest you might not have an issue that requires professional medical attentions, so please always seek advice.

  2. If you do not look forward to going into a particular area that you regularly visit or live in (such as your home or workplace), it's likely that the place needs cleansing.

Purchase Supplies

  1. In order to smudge your home of unwelcome negative energies, you should purchase a small bundle of sage, cedar, sweetgrass, etc. Again, you can do that through our own shop.

  2. Once you have purchased your purification tools, you will want to find a dish or glass that can be used to hold the sage. Although this is not necessary, some people do not like to hold the items in their hands while they burn. Placing the herbs in a bowl or glass will let them burn safely.


Prepare for the Smudging Ritual

  1. Before you start, make sure to open every closet, every drawer, and every cabinet in the entire house. Also, be sure to pull back curtains and open blinds so that windowsills are accessible. Make sure you can easily move around the whole house without bumping into anything or having to stop to open drawers or doors. It is very important to perform a smudging ritual during the light of day, as the light will help burn away the negative energies with the smoke that will arise from the burning purifying items. Leave all doors and windows open, if it is safe to do so.

  2. If you wish: offer the smoke to the four directions outside the house first. Typically, people start with the east, then move south, then go west, and end north. Then, start at the lowest level inside your house and walk the perimeter with your lit smudge, giving special attention to the corners and the places behind doors. Work your way up to the highest level in the house. You can also fan the smoke throughout the room with a large feather.

  3. Perhaps easier to suggest that you walk clockwise, chanting the words "any negative energy here, please leave now" in each room, from the back of the house to the front.

  4. Say a Prayer (If You Want)... Burning sage, cedar, and sweetgrass is designed to eradicate negative energy and either remove or weaken negative entities such as demons and nasty spirits. You may also want to say a prayer or perform a ritual of protection before you get started. The words of your prayer or incantation will vary depending on the type of cleansing you are attempting. Although this is not necessary, it always better to be safe than sorry. Additionally, if you have a protection amulet, talisman, or gemstone on hand, you can wear or hold on to that as well.

  5. Begin the Ceremony - To begin the smudging ceremony, light the sage, sweetgrass, or cedar. (Remember to keep a dish under the burning herbs to catch any ash). If you are having problems keeping it lit, occasionally blow on it to keep the embers burning. You will need to continue to coax the flame until you get a steady smoke. You can see tips on how to light your smudge below. It is perfectly normal for the flame to go out and in fact, you want it to but you will / may need to continue encouragement of the smoke with gentle blowing or waving but please be careful.

  6. Example Smudging Prayers example: Negativity that invades my sacred space and place, I banish you away with the light of my grace. You have no hold or power here, for I stand and face you with no fear. Be gone forever, for this, I will say: This is my sacred place, and you will obey. Only positive power can stay here now.

  7. Focusing on your intent: Focus intently on what it is you want to accomplish for your smudging ritual or ceremony. Visualize it cleansing you, your home, your workplace, etc. of all the negative energies or entities that are unwanted. See the negative energy disperse and not return. Also, be sure to speak your prayer or verse with conviction, strength, and force of will in your tone. Your voice will be your strength and will help in breaking up and removing negative forces.

  8. Extinguishing the smudge: You can douse your lit smudging ingredients by placing them under a running faucet. Smudge-sticks can easily be put out in an ashtray like a cigarette.

  9. What Should I Do After Smudging? After you complete all rooms, open as many windows and exterior doors as is practical to let the smoke be purged for at least 20 to 45 minutes as this will help to "blow away" all the negative energies that you just worked to break apart and disperse.

  10. When you are finished, it is also important to sit down and enjoy your positive energy space and newly cleansed environment. Relax, take some deep breaths, close your eyes, and just be for a bit. You may feel a different energy—more peaceful and less anxious, happier, and less heavy or sad.


Smudging yourself:

Fan the swirls of smoke around your body from head to toe with your hands or a feather. You may want to focus primarily on chakra areas where you feel there are blockages or where there is or has been physical, emotional, or psychic pain. Visualize the smoke lifting away all the negative thoughts, emotions, and energies that have attached themselves to you. If you are feeling depressed, for instance, you could visualize the smoke carrying away all your feelings of depression.

During healing work:

During healing work, the smoke may be fanned over the person either by your hand or with feathers. This will help clear out unhealthy energies and bring in the cleansing power of the herbs. You may also direct smudge to each of the person's chakras if you practice chakra energy. As you do so, visualize each chakra coming into balance as it is purified by the smudge. If you can see auras, look for discoloured places in the aura and direct the healing smoke towards those places on the patient's body.

Cleansing objects:

If you want to cleanse any object using lit smudging ingredients, simply hold them over the smoke for about a minute or two—that is all that is needed.


You can smudge as often as you like. It really depends on how fast negative energy can form in the space and additionally what type of situation and energy you are dealing with. Generally once a week is typically recommended. Some people choose to perform it once a month or once every couple of months.

If you have a recurring negative situation or feel negative energies returning to your home and you can not handle it yourself, we recommend seeking professional assistance, which we also offer via our Book Online tab. Alternatively to our cleansing service, you may also consider a consultation via a reading service.

Warrior Strength to those who deserve it & Destruction to those who need it!

International Psychic Medium Witch Madame Verveine+ Witchcraft Practitioner Author Artist Mentor Owner and Founder of BeWitchy
BeWitchy® ©Copyright Protected 2017

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