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Little Book of Deities: Series 1: Greek Goddesses: Part 2 - Alcyone.

Thanks for joining us for our long running series of blogs on Gods and Goddesses and how you may incorporate them into your daily magick/ spiritual practices.

This week we follow on from Goddess no. 1 with no. 2.

Greek Goddess

Why is it important to learn about Gods and Goddesses?

Well not only is it nice to have knowledge, it is great to add this to your list of acknowledgements and also in the exploration of discovering, for example, what type of witch you are and what you are drawn to or interested in, incorporating into your world of magick.

Not only can you utilise multiples of Gods and Goddesses but you may feel more drawn to 1 than others.

You can also invoke their power into your magickal practices and why not?!

So in this blog, lesson, whatever you wish to call it, we will first discuss the greek goddess, Alcyone.

Alcyone: Mythological Tale and Astronomical Significance.

  • Alcyone is linked to two ancient Greek narratives, one as the daughter of Titan Atlas and Pleione, and the other as Aeolus and Enarete' s daughter.

  • As part of the Pleiades, Alcyone is sometimes regarded as their leader.

  • Her union with Poseidon produced offspring, connecting her to the sea and its divine ruler.

  • Pursued by Orion, Alcyone and her sisters were transformed into doves by Zeus, then stars, forming the Pleiades constellation, symbolizing their eternal escape from Orion.

  • Alcyone shines as the brightest star in the Pleiades star cluster, a testament to her leadership among her sisters.

  • In another version, Alcyone's tragic love story with Ceyx ends in their transformation into kingfisher birds by the gods.

  • The term "halcyon days" originates from Alcyone's myth, representing a peaceful interval during winter.

  • The alignment of the Pleiades with ancient astronomical events connects Alcyone to themes of life, renewal, and seasonal transitions.

  • Alcyone's tale with her lost love Ceyx illustrates divine intervention in human affairs, showcasing both vengeful wrath and compassionate mercy.

  • The constellation myth immortalizes Alcyone's evasion of Orion. PLANET: Moon BIRD: Kingfisher Days: The Halcyon Days: Winter Solstice; the seven days prior to, and the seven days following COLOUR: White ALTAR: Maintain a container of saltwater on the altar; adorn it with lunar and aquatic symbols; offer a prince as a companion (ensuring she remains the primary focus). OFFERINGS: Deliver in an enamel box during the Halcyon Days or utilize a box for a promise.

How to invoke Alcyone & why/what for: Alcyone safeguards sailors and voyagers at sea, shielding them from harsh weather conditions and shipwrecks. She watches over lovers and serves as a protector of marriages. Alcyone brings forth Halcyon Days, which are characterized by peace, abundance, and joy – envision nothing but clear blue skies, metaphorically speaking. Suggested Steps of invoking Alcyone:

  1. Light a white candle.

  2. Have adorned the area with Kingfisher pics or pics or statues that represent her. Follow the setting as per Altar listing above.

  3. Open by kindly requesting her presence and thanking her.

  4. Discuss with her, and have written down, the issue you require her help. Ideally you may be requesting protection, assistance with a lover or marriage and even travelling.

  5. You should offer her, inside a box fruits and flowers. Sweet and caring items. Anything wintery or cold would also suffice within reason.

  6. Place your wish within the same box and visualise your request - spend a few moments pondering it. Then leave it for 2-7 days. *Perishables ie such as food are not ideal for this particular ritual. Some items could be placed in a ziplock bag. And you should empty it after a few days if it is going yucky ie rotten. If for example you used strawberries, I would suggest lining the box with plastic and removing them after 2-3 days at most. Let's not offend her with rotten food. You could also change the offerings each day that you leave it in there.

  7. You could also play some gentle music and dance around chanting your desire and thanking her.

  8. When a 2 days to a week passes (whichever you choose), burn the paper under a new candle and allow the candle to burn out. Kindly dispose of the box items (what's inside) into a garden. We don't recommend binning anything unless it is a must. *Note: tealight candles are fine but please make them white. Always be safe and monitor burning and perishables.

Material Research & Usage Acknowledgements

We acknowledge that most of our information came from Greek Gods and Goddesses website and what an amazing website it is:

We would also like to thank and acknowledge:

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