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Little Book of Deities: Series 1: Greek Goddesses: Part 1 - Achelois.

Updated: Mar 25

Thanks for joining us for our long running series of blogs on Gods and Goddesses and how you may incorporate them into your daily magick/ spiritual practices.

This week we commence with our writings on all the Greek Goddesses... we will continue revealing all Gods and Goddesses known to us each week, but commencing with Greek Goddesses.

Picture of Greece

Why is it important to learn about Gods and Goddesses?

Well not only is it nice to have knowledge, it is great to add this to your list of acknowledgements and also in the exploration of discovering, for example, what type of witch you are and what you are drawn to or interested in, incorporating into your world of magick.

Not only can you utilise multiples of Gods and Goddesses but you may feel more drawn to 1 than others.

You can also invoke their power into your magickal practices and why not?!

So in this blog, lesson, whatever you wish to call it, we will first discuss the greek goddess, Achelois.


Achelois, pronounced “A-khe-LO-ees”, was a lesser-known Greek goddess in ancient times. She was among the many deities associated with the moon and its monthly phases, particularly revered by the ancient Greeks for her role as a healer and comforter.

Linked to the oracle at Dodona in northwestern Greece, Achelois was often sought after for guidance and healing. The Dodonian Oracle, believed to be one of the oldest Hellenic oracles, served as a conduit between humans and gods dating back to 2,000 BCE. Homer, the renowned author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, chronicled the Dodonian Oracle's significance.

While the Dodonian Oracle mainly honored major Greek deities like Zeus, sacrifices were also dedicated to Achelois to seek her aid in curing ailments.

Fascinating Facts about Achelois:

  • Priests and priestesses at the Dodonian Oracle interpreted divine messages through the rustling of oak leaves or the clinking of bronze pieces on tree branches, akin to modern wind chimes.

  • Greek poet Tzetzes connected Achelois to the Muses, goddesses inspiring literature, science, and the arts. Alternatively, she was believed to be the daughter of Asclepius, the god of medicine, and Epione, the goddess of pain relief.

  • Achelois was also associated with the Sirens, daughters of the river god Achelous, infamous for luring sailors to their demise on rocky shores.

  • Additionally, Achelois was a common name for water nymphs, minor goddesses of nature.

  • Achelois, surname of the Sirens, the daughters of Achelous.[2]

Greek Goddess Achelois
Greek Goddess Achelois


  • Name(s): Achelois

  • Rules over: Minor Moon Goddess

  • Title: Translates to "she who washes away pain" in English

  • Gender: Female

  • Symbols: Associated with The Oracle at Dodona

  • Sacred animals: Not specified

  • Items: Not specified

  • Parents: Asclepius and Epoine in one version of the story

  • Consort: Not specified

  • Other significant others: Siblings - Aegle, Hygeia, Panakeia, and Iaso (children of Asclepius and Epione)

  • Possible association with the Sirens or The Muses

  • Children: Not specified

  • Roman name: Not specified

How to invoke Achelois & why/what for: As she is associated to water and healing, it would be appropriate to ask her to help heal ailments in you or loved ones.

Suggested Steps of invoking Achelois:

  1. Light a white or blue candle.

  2. Have adorned the area with symbols that you see representing her. Water, nymphs, healing, moon, mermaids, forest.

  3. Open by kindly requesting her presence and thanking her.

  4. Discuss with her, and have written down, the issue you require her help. Ideally you may be requesting protection, assistance with healing.

  5. You should offer her, anything openly on your altar that you feel she may be attracted to such as items that represent mermaids, water, healing, love, trees, nature. We don't recommend food as an offering for her but white and blue flowers, water and tree branches do nicely as does nicely smelling perfumes and incense. Something that says healing and love.

  6. Place your wish on the altar, also say it out loud to her, reaching for the skies and visualise your request - spend a few moments pondering it. Then leave it for just a few days at most but she tends to work quickly and for the long term.

  7. When a 2-3 days pass (whichever you choose), burn the paper under a new candle and allow the candle to burn out. Always thank her for her time and energy. *Always be safe and monitor burning candles, incense etc.

Material Research & Usage Acknowledgements

We acknowledge that most of our information came from Greek Gods and Goddesses website and what an amazing website it is:

We would also like to thank and acknowledge:

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