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Business Readings

Readings with a real reader...

  • 1 h 30 min
  • From 500 Australian dollars
  • Newcastle Street

Service Description

Business Readings - any readings pertaining to the success, creation or building of a business must be purchased under this service. This will and can include brand awareness, legal, social, marketing etc. Business readings, can include personal insight. *Please note the following changes: If we have given you insight, knowledge, assistance in any way, we name all our business associations via social media, the website and social media, marketing and so forth including name dropping in emails. If you do not wish for us to disclose your business name or brand name, you will need to pay the higher rates for anonymity. Over the years Madame Verveine (aka Luán) has given much wealth & assistance to big business owners and brand owners without any credit given to her and those people then demanding anonymity. As this is our business, we make the rules, not you. If you wish to continue growing wealth, popularity through services with MV, then you will need to respect that we WILL be using your name in our marketing and if you don't wish for that to happen, we will need to be remunerated appropriately. We've heard all the bs excuses over the years "Everyone already thinks I am crazy, if they know we go to a Psychic they will think even less of us" - Not our problem. You are benefiting and have been benefiting for MANY years! Without giving credit to the correct source. Pretending these were your ideas, lying to the public. That now ends. We make you money. Some of you are spending 20K plus per month on marketing and design teams but we are the ones that give the ideas, incl. some of the actual designs and where & how to market. ***You will not get personal opinion or judgement. But you will get the truth from spirits perspective and sometimes it can be a hard pill to swallow for some clients. But do know that all insight is given with the best intention of helping YOU improve yourself and find happiness. Some clients do require change in order to get to where they need to be. We have seen time and time again, those that take on the advice and insight have successful and positive changes in life. Thank you for your understanding. Video conferencing Add video conferencing so that this service can be offered online. If you are unwell or out of town, you may like to secure the phone or video phone service.

Cancellation Policy

We do not accept cancelations. You may reschedule yourself using this system but must be made within 24hrs of your booking. You may reschedule 1 time only, after that you lose your payment and will need to rebook and repay. If you are wanting to reschedule due to associated anxiety, please let us know as we can work around this. If your service is a reading or other type of consult, you may have a phone or video service. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact Details

  • BeWitchy, Newcastle Street, Northbridge WA, Australia

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