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Uncovering the Mysteries of Rosmerta: Exploring the Enigmatic Celtic Goddess

Relief of Mercury and Rosmerta from Eisenberg in present-day Rhineland-Palatinate.
Rosmerta & Mercury (Wikipedia)

Origin: Celtic. Rosmerta, is a Celtic goddess, who embodies abundance, prosperity, peace, and fertility.

Although no surviving myths about her exist, she was once widely worshipped as a significant deity across Celtic Europe. Her presence was felt in Gaul, the Rhineland, and the British Isles, particularly in Gloucester. Shrines dedicated to her were often linked to healing spring sanctuaries like the one in Wiesbaden.

Rosmerta symbolizes the unity of Celtic, Roman, and Germanic cultures through her various unions with male deities. Her partners included Mercury, Wotan, Esus, and Lugh, among others.

Notably, she was also revered in her own right, independent of any consort.

Bountiful Harvest.

What type of spellwork or rituals would you invoke her power for? Her association with fertility made her a beloved figure among the Celtic people, who sought her blessings for the growth and abundance of their crops and livestock. As the Great Provider, Rosmerta bestows bountiful harvests and prosperity upon her worshippers. She represents the bountiful aspects of life, facilitating the flourishing of love, fertility, and the continuance of generations. Spells: Fertility, Abundance, Success, Prosperity, Bountiful Harvests.

  • ICONOGRAPHY: She is depicted as a beautiful woman with arms outstretched towards the observer. An image from Wiesbaden shows her seated on a throne while Mercury presents her with gifts from his purse.

  • ATTRIBUTES: Cornucopia, patera (offering plate), wooden ironbound bucket, ladle, torch, double-axe, sceptre. She is sometimes associated with Mercury's symbols, the caduceus and purse.

  • SPIRIT ALLIES: Fortuna, Mercury; her entourage includes the spirits of deceased children.

  • Creatures: Snake, horse.

  • SACRED SITE: Mount Sion-Vaudémont, her sacred mountain where she was worshipped alongside Wotan. (Vaudémont is derived from Wotan's name.)

  • OFFERINGS: Spring water, bowls of fresh fruit, and regal gifts.

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