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At the moment, we are completely booked out until Tuesday 20th February until 11am.

We suggest attempting to pre-book for all services and shop viewings or consultations as soon as possible!

Sometimes you can get in on the day or the day before where there are vacancies or reschedules but this is not always possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience as we know it bothers some people that we don't do walk ins (if we aren't available then we just aren't). Allowing walk ins just isn't realistic as a client could be expected to wait for hrs and then not bother to return. We also suggest pre-booking on a day and time you can make AND THEN asking to be placed on a wait list, for the days previous.

We have seen clients look and assume the bookings look very open but please keep in mind we manually book those people having issues making bookings, who are not computer literate, and also Plan Clients - clients who pre-pay in advance or are a part of a specific Plan.

As far as reading services are concerned, we recommend you pre-booking for a regular service to provide yourself with pre-empting issues and essentially a form of self love/taking care of yourself. I guess you could compare it to a massage - something that can make you feel good or catch an issue before it gets worse.

Please know that we take what we do very seriously and therefore will not hire just any old reader to service our customers and clients - only the best will do!

Keep in mind we have been in this industry for over 40 years! We've seen "shops" put any old reader on that walks in their door - we don't do business like that and don't fuck with peoples lives, by using shitty half assed wannabe take the piss readers who give personal opinions! NO THANK YOU!

Sure a reader will need to start somewhere but a genuinely gifted reader, hits the high notes as soon as they walk in the door. They don't need a start.

So again, please prebook - it is needed, even when the booking system looks very open, it essentially get filled up over night or very early morning at latest. sometimes for days at a time and in the past for MV (pre COVID) she was personally booked out for WEEKS at a time - reading full time.

We've seen clients mention other readers having booking for weeks, months and even years but those readers are NOT doing it full time - it's a marketing gimmick. They also do not want urgent readings or people with pressing issues so it suits them to only be available months later, when your issue has been and gone!

Some of the ones who claim they are doing it full time or it is their only job, are lying! They are lying in the sense of, they literally may only do one or two readings a week as it is all they can manage or all they want to do.

We hope that clarifies some issues and misgivings about bookings and availabilities - never assume we are free just because it looked like it when you checked a few hrs ago.

Kindest Regards



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