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  • BeWitchy Academy Premium

    Tous les mois
    Premium subscription. Are you committed to the cause?
    Valable 24 mois
    • Unlimited Access to all online courses and content
    • 1 tarot card reading per month
    • 1 oracle card reading per month
    • 1 rune reading per month
    • 1 spell per month (we assign the type)
    • 1x 2-3 monthly 1 on 1x15min consultation
    • $25 min. value Products shipped directly from manufacturer
    • Private group Access
    • Exclusive access, exclusive content & exclusive discounts
    • All paths welcomed & catered for
    • Learn in safe environment
    • Great for beginners to advanced
  • BeWitchy Academy Silver

    Tous les mois
    Valable 12 mois
    • 1 on 1 consult x 6 months with Madame Verveine
    • 1 x 3 monthly Spell & Mini reading
    • Unlimited Access to all classes
    • Beginners are welcomed
    • Safe monitored environment
  • Business Owners

    Tous les mois
    Looking to start a business or need support? a Mentor? Content? Know how?
    Valable 12 mois
    • Reseller License once you have completed 6 months
    • Rebrand Reseller License once you have completed 12 months.
    • 1 on 1 with Madame Verveine once a month for 10-20mins.
    • 1 on 1 with a staff member once a week for 10-20mins.
  • Mentoring Support

    Toutes les semaines
    +650 $AU Custom plan & initial ph consultation.
    Receive 1-2 hrs per week support for all life’s purposes. Includes 1 custom spell per mth.
    Valable 52 semaines
    • 1 hr in person or video support. Spiritual intuitive on call
    • 1 cleansing x 20mins (in person or long distance)
    • 1 healing x 20mins per month
    • 1 custom* spell per month (value $260)
    • 1 protection spell per month (value $260)
    • Over $1000 per week in supports
  • Gold Class Support

    2 000$AU
    Toutes les semaines
    +2 600 $AU Joining Fee
    If you're looking for daily support and interaction with Madame Verveine, this is the best option.
    Valable 54 semaines
    • 15mins daily text or ph interaction to a no. direct to Luán
    • Access to all Groups, Programs, Services
    • 2hrs of Services per week ie 1hr reading, 1hr healing
    • 1 Custom Spell per week
    • General Mentor & Psychic Support
  • On Call Support (Limited*)

    5 000$AU
    Toutes les semaines
    +5 000 $AU Admin Fee
    *Always wanted Madame Verveine on call?
    Valable 54 semaines
    • Limited on call support* *read terms as there are limits*
    • Access all courses and groups complimentary
    • Support is: 30-90 mins 5 days per week
    • Up to 3 other types of listed services ie healings
    • 1 Art & Design Package (limited to 1)
    • Mentoring and Development
    • Cleansing (home, office, person)*
  • BeWitchy Subscription Box (Australia)

    Tous les mois
    +99 $AU Joining Fee
    Exclusive content by real witches!
    • Access to BeWitchy Academy
    • Access to 1 new Online Course per month
    • Products curated by real witches
    • 1 New Spell per month (that relates to curated product)
    • Moon Phase Sheet
    • Exclusive BeWitchy branded products
    • May include surprise gifts ie home decor & not a spell kit
    • Boxes are mailed on the 14th of ea mth for nxt month
    • Noted some items may arrive separately
    • Includes Postage within Australia Only
    • Cancel Any Time
  • Weekly Email Readings

    Toutes les semaines
    3 Card Layout, generic information with 1-2 sentences of insight.
    • 3 Card Layout, generic information
    • 1-2 sentences of insight.
    • Emailed to you.
  • How to get over an ex.

    Access this exclusive blog.
    • Includes "How do you get over an ex?"
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