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Payments, Refunds & Rescheduling.


With it in mind, we are a professional business who are also responsible for employees, when you do not show up for an appointment, it costs us potentially a lot more than you have paid. So for example, if you book a 20min shop viewing and don't show up, we've just potentially lost up to $190 for an hrly fee and the expense of staff fees.

As stated throughout the website and booking system, we choose to protect our business, it's expenses and our staff wages by requesting prepayments that are non refundable and non-deductible from goods or services in a future booking.


RE: Virtual and in Person Personalised Shopper Services, Mentoring, Readings, Healings, Beauty Services, Tattoos etc. All payments are made through the website, paypal, credit cards & square payment facilities and bank deposits. When required, you can also pay via card over the phone. We also accept personal processing on your behalf.

Payments are due prior to your appointment. Payments should be made via the website yourself or over the phone. In the instance you request or require an invoice payment you must pay this ASAP and prior to your appointment. We may also charge a handling fee, where you do not want to make the booking yourself online.
If you fail to pay this invoice, regardless of whether you turn up to your appointment or not, you will be still required to pay this invoice, because we do not accept cancelations. 


Digital downloads: No returns on the digital sales of music, recorded meditations, classes or other e-products once the transaction has been completed. This is due to the nature of the product and the immediate use capabilities of it.

Refund Policies

Classes, Digital Goods and e-Courses: All payments for class tuition, downloadable meditations, e-books and courses are 100% non-refundable once paid.
Please see our returns policy.


Goods purchased online and in person have the same

Private service sessions (if applicable): Non-refundable once paid. Occasionally transferable to another date or person. Payment in full due before work is completed.

This is different than standard western professional work (therapy visits, chiropractic), which is paid after session is complete, as these services are often protected by lawful collection efforts. Intuitive work is generally not covered this way, so payment is due in full prior.

This also protects me from people cancelling, no shows or occasionally attempting to reschedule to suit themselves with no real genuine reason.

We do not reschedule appointments or accept cancellations. Reschedules are applicable in the case that staff becomes ill and can not service you. *We have updated this and trialing the allowance of rescheduling can occur within 24hrs of your appointment. Please know that unnecessary rescheduling can cause us a vast amount of inconvenience and money.



Once payment is made for booking a session (readings and healings of a non event nature), fees are 100% non-refundable, and unfortunately with a rise of people unnecessarily taking up my time with reschedules and cancellations, no shows etc, I no longer offer complimentary reschedules. This includes shop viewings.

To reschedule your session in the case of a personal or family emergency ONLY, simply send an email to or text 0456607036 and we will decide if you fit the reschedule criteria.

All sessions must begin promptly & on time. If you are late, an extension of time beyond the allotted time slot, is not available. So if you are 45 minutes late to an hour session, we are only obligated to only give you a 15 minute reading and no more, even at a later date (meaning you can not reschedule time left to another date and time, by being late you forfeited that time).

Technology & Rescheduling

In the case that technology is a part of your service and the internet, power or phone etc is randomly not working (technical issues) at our end, reschedules are permitted of course.

Rescheduling for use of Gifts and or Gift Vouchers

Out of courtesy for the purchaser of gifts, recipients will get one chance ONLY to reschedule. In the case, you miss or attempt to reschedule a 2nd time, that is on you! There are no refunds or changes to these purchases and I am obligated to let the purchaser know the details surrounding 2 missed appointments. Again, we do not refund monies.

You also understand that we have the right to cancel any class or service and does not have to expose herself to threats, harm, uncomfortable situation or otherwise.

We can cancel with little notice and without refund to you, particularly in the case that you have made the situation uncomfortable and therefore made it impossible to follow through with a service or class.


SICKNESS!!! We have clients and staff members with extreme medical issues and diseases - please think of them when you become ill. A mild flu or mild COVID case for you, could be a matter of life and death for someone else.

And for this reason, we ask that you please DO NOT come to appointments with colds, flus or any other seriously contagious disease. In this case, please contact us to discuss rescheduling possibility or having your service via video or phone or email, where relevant.

You must also understand when undertaking business and service with us, that we are only human too! This means we get sick too! We may experience technical issues. In these cases, we will do our utmost to make it up to you. Being aggressive or abusive because a staff member is off sick, is not ok.

All paid for and donated one-time services such as readings, mentoring sessions and related packages, must be fully redeemed within six months from the original transaction or both the session and the payment is forfeited.

In the case, business ceases before the six months, the payment is also forfeited.

In the case, you attempt to argue a refund or go to an authority, you are aware that these terms conditions, disclaimers were on this website and will be used to defend the case.

You also understand that BeWitchy has the right to cancel any class or service and does not have to expose herself to threats, harm, uncomfortable situation or otherwise.

We can cancel with little notice and without refund to you, particularly in the case that you have made the situation uncomfortable and therefore made it impossible to follow through with a service or class.

EVENTS (Private and Commercial). No refunds or transfers to other event dates or credits are permitted. Payments and bookings are final, regardless of outcomes.

DEPOSITS TO HOLD EVENTS: There must be a 25% deposit made within 24hrs. The remaining fee must be made within 4-7days or as outlined on the invoice. This may vary however dependent on when your booking is – so please refer to your invoice.

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