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Image by Elena Mozhvilo

"Being a witch is a powerful responsibility but on the 
other hand, it gives us freedom, strength and the possibilities
are endless!

Madame Verveine +

Everything you need to know about your fave witchy brand.

BeWitchy began as an idea/creation back before 2000. We branded and expanded and love what we do! Come join and see what all the fuss is about.

Year 2000 seen the official commencement of BeWitchy the brand. Although it was originally created in a short story written by
Madame Verveine + pre 1991.
Raised within a witchcraft, psychic, spiritual and religious background it made sense to expand and extend on the desire to create a huge one branded stop shop and community. It was after all what we were accustomed to and what came naturally.
We use a mix of styles, within our magic and also within our design and creations.
We take copying our brand very seriously and have intention of expanding on brands worldwide. We do sell and service worldwide.

We have a 58,000 plus (we don’t approve scammers/spammers) long standing group and legit fb approved subscription group and they aren’t the only ones.
We started our main group as a safe haven for all witches of all paths.

We see so many businesses, groups and people copying/being inspired by our code of ethics that it’s laughable! We were the first to specifically state what we were doing and wanting for other witches. We have built an amazing and very much appreciated reputation.

BeWitchy is created by genuine witches for witches – not wannabes jumping on a bandwagon to try make a quick buck, like we are now continually seeing around us. So come join a real group, a real online and in person coven and see what the fuss is all about.

If you would like to order wholesale, please email:

We Are Your Favourite, Online and In Store Witchy Shop.
We get lots of great feedback all the time. Come see why. Grab a drink and come sit for a spell… We are adding a library, free to reading while you are in the shop. 

Our BeWitchy brands incl our sister brands: Be Witchy, BeWitch, Be Witchy, BeeWitch, BeeWitchy, and similar variations. We cover a massive amount of trademark classes and intended trademarks and take this very seriously.

BeWitchy Academy

BeWitchy Magazine

BeWitchy Festival

BeWitchy Beauty

BeWitchy Music

BeWitchy Foods, Confectionary, Tea & Other food & drink based products & services

BeWitchy Health & Fitness

BeWitchy Graphic Design, Marketing & Advertising

BeWitchy Wedding & Funeral Services

BeWitchy is truly a lifestyle!


Warrior Strength to those who deserve it & Destruction to those who need it!


International Psychic Medium Witch
Madame Verveine+

Ghost Whisperer/ Hunter
Witchcraft Practitioner
Owner and Founder of BeWitchy

BeWitchy® ©Copyright Protected 2017

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