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IMPORTANT CONTRACT NOTICE: Refusal to agree to terms and conditions here within or emailed to you, can lead to refusal of service with no refund.  Please book in with what you see available here (the 6 hour block has no consequence to you. It is there for senior clients who can't use the internet, unwell clients, plan managed clients, urgent readings and for repeat clients can ask after booking/payment to go on the waitlist to shift to an earlier slot & that 6hr slot is often filled overnight/early morning.  Please do not message to see what is available on the day,  just book in on another day, that you are able to attend services.

All readings (besides email) are available in person

and online ie video or phone - you choose which you prefer. 

Choosing Your Service

If you are unsure what service you require, specifically pertaining to readings, please email, text us on 0456 607 036. This is the shop phone.

We do not take after hours calls, messages or emails.
Key things to remember. If you have not seen Madame Verveine for a service before, you are considered a "New Client".

Once you have seen her the once, you become a "Repeat Client".

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