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Cleansing a new home from the very get go.

Empty home
Moving into a new home

The Power of Energy in Shaping Our Physical Spaces and Emotional Well-being

So you've moved house or about to and you are super excited!...

Have you ever considered how the energy we emit can linger in our surroundings and affect our mood, health, and overall energy in our spaces? Including places we choose or don't choose to live?

Or specifically how it has grown and settled by way of past tenants or builders?

I've been aware of my sensitivity to other people and environmental energy since childhood. I also see it with my children and other people around me who feel it and are effected by it.

As a result, I've learned to be mindful of the energy that permeates our spaces, including the attitude, jewellery or clothes we wear.

Our spaces can hold both positive and negative energy, and I find it very restorative to clear out negative energy and start fresh with good vibes, very regularly, if not every day.

There are definitely major things or reasons in our lives why we should cleanse at major events, such as a new home.

Whenever I move into a new home I cleanse the shit out of it... it is very important to cleanse before and after moving your personal items and furniture into the home.

Maintaining a balanced energy in your living space is essential to improve your overall well-being. Here's a simple cleansing process that involves White Sage, A tea light candle, essential oil, Palo Santo and salt. While there are different variations of this process, this is my personal and professional preference for a new home.

Remember, always exercise caution when using fire and be mindful of safety when performing the ritual. Also, please don’t leave items around that a small child or pet may consume ie salt.

The purpose of this blog is not to teach, rather describe how to cleanse a new home, whether it is a used or brand new built home.

If you want to know more about cleansing and its beginnings please see our other cleansing blog.

Modern Home with pool
New Home


You will need:

  • Part 1: Vinegar (white is fine), warm water, pepper, Himalayan salt, and eucalyptus essential oil.

  • Part 1: Mop and bucket.

  • Part 2: Tealight candle and holder. You can buy those from us if you wish.

  • Part 3: A stick of dried Sage - you can purchase that here: or you can use our smudge sprays. 1 spray in 4 directions in each room.

  • Part 3: A smudge bowl - you can purchase that here:

  • Part 4: Sea Salt.

  • Part 5: A piece of Palo Santo wood - you can purchase that here:

  • Part 3 and 5: A lighter or matches - you can purchase that in store or at a shopping centre near you.

  • Part 3 and 5: A feather to waft the smoke (optional) - you can get 1 for free from the bottom of a bird cage or at a park where birds frequent.

  • Part 6: Lavender Essential Oil or Clary Sage or Orange Essential Oil.

  • Cleanse PRIOR to moving in. If you miss that boat, doing this after is fine but noted, it would be expected that you waft smoke over the contents as well.

  • Gather the items above.

STEPS 1 to 6 of Parts 1 to 6:

  • STEP 1: Firstly mix part 1 ingredients into a bucket and mop each floor in the home. If you are unable to mop, you could mix and spray lightly (test a spot first if you are worried about damage). I call this my exorcism wash. It will remove all nasties from the home!

  • STEP 2: Secondly, Light the Tealight Candle and recite a little prayer/poem: Noted you may call on any God or Goddess you desire, if at all.

  • STEP 3: Light the white sage smudge stick. Be sure to leave all doors and windows open, assuming it is safe or possible - essentially the smoke needs to be able to escape. “This is my loungeroom. Remove the negativity and any energy that may mean we harm. This is my loungeroom, it will bring laugh and fun filled activities, love and relaxation, in all the years to come.” If you don’t like these words, change them up to suit yourself.

  • STEP 4: Once part 3 is complete, sprinkle some salt at the front door (on the ground), back door and window seals/ledges. Alternatively you could leave a few tablespoons in bowls at each door and window or place inside a small bag and hang at each. This helps purify and deter bad spirits.

  • STEP 5: Do the same smudging as step no. 4 in each room but this time use the Palo Santo asking that if any spirits are there that “mean you harm to please leave and go to a safe space elsewhere, they may stay if they mean you no harm.”

  • STEP 6: Then, put 1 drop of your chosen essential oil and place on each door frame and window seal/ledge. Once this is complete, stand then facing your home and say “Thank you all power spirits and beings for your continued cleansing and protection. I am forever grateful.”

  • *Allow the tealight to burn out supervised.

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