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Cutting Cords

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Lady cutting a red ribbon.
Cutting Cords

Cutting Energetic Cords: A Complete Mini Guide to Release Emotional Attachments

Energetic cords have a significant impact on your spiritual relationships with others. But, if they've become a negative influence, it's essential to sever them. Learn how to cut energetic cords for your own benefit.

Fortunately, there are several methods available to cut your energetic cords, and we're here to help via this mini self go to guide but also professionally through paid services. In this guide, we will take you through what energetic cords are, their origin, when to cut them, and how to do so. Get ready to learn how to cut cords with someone and let go of emotional attachments.

Many people have asked me over the year, "How do I disconnect from my ex, spiritually?"

I am going to answer the following questions: What is cord cutting? How do I do it? Why do I do it? Not necessarily in that order but we will.


The Benefits of Cord Cutting: A Common Practice in Spiritual and Secular Traditions

In both spiritual and secular traditions, cord cutting is a widely used practice. This technique helps to reclaim lost energy and establish healthy energetic boundaries. If you're interested in exploring this approach, read on to learn more about the practice of cutting energy cords.

This is a great practice to get into if you are wanting to disconnect from exes as well.

Some people will create intentional cords, others will not even know they are doing it.

Others are absolute narcissistic energy vampires and these are the ones we need to detach from or to not allow to create connections.

The Significance of Energetic Cords in Human Relationships

Every time we interact with someone, be it a family member, friend, intimate partner, colleague, or even a stranger, we establish energetic cord connections. These cords play a crucial role in building connections and fostering a deeper understanding between individuals. It's worth noting that not all cords are negative; in fact, they can be quite beneficial.

The saying "I felt a connection" - can be quite literal - not just in a sense of having something in common.

The Importance of Energetic Connection in Perception

When we connect energetically, we can perceive things on a deeper level and tune into the energy of others. Despite interacting with the world through our five physical senses, we are all energy beings, and our primary form of relating is through energy.

You know how you might know exactly what the other person is feeling, sensing, thinking... these can come about due to energetic connections.

I recall my mother once telling me she had psychic connections to my father - that she would send him messages telepathically and he would receive - this is part of a very personal energetic connection to someone.

Some of my friends, loved ones and clients experience this with me, if they spend enough time with me... no, no one can truly read my energy, as I do not allow it, but instead what happens, is some people can feed from my energy, in the sense they can suddenly become very intuitive or believe they are suddenly psychic in my presence. If I allow it.

The Importance of Letting Go: Creating Space for Potential and Possibility

As we mature and develop, it's essential that we release what no longer benefits us. By doing so, we open up space. This space is where potential and possibility thrive.

It can be like ripping a bandaid off and not in a good way - and that is why it's suggested we don't rip the bandaid off but instead do so gently - unless we are trying to cause the other person or even ourselves harm.

Embracing Change: A Series of Small Steps

Think of change as a series of small steps towards transition. Every day, we grow and evolve beyond our previous selves. It's important to let go of past experiences that may hold us back from moving forward.

It may be vital we let go or cut the cords on the very thing that made us ie a traumatic life experience.

The Weight of Accumulation

The Consequences of Holding onto Past Thoughts, Actions, and Experiences... Imagine carrying the weight of all your past thoughts, actions, and experiences with you at all times. This would undoubtedly become a heavy burden to bear.

Think of it like a dryer gathering lint... eventually something is going to give or get set on fire.

Navigating Life Transitions

Whether we're evolving in our connections with others or simply in how we approach life, again it is essential to release what no longer serves us. In terms of interpersonal relationships, we often hold onto more than what is healthy for us energetically, physically, and even spiritually.

If someone burdens us enough with their issues or problems, it might begin to weigh us down. We might begin being so involved energetically, we are behaving now as if it is our personal issue or that we must solve this issue entirely for this person.I am professionally at risk of this, with some of my more profile clients, who may intently need and require more of my time and energy.

The Benefits of Cutting Energy Cords During Life Transitions

Cutting energy cords is essential for moving through transitions without carrying the weight of the past. It's a way to free ourselves from the weight of the past and move forward with renewed energy and a sense of openness.

Cutting Energy Cords in Relationships: A Practice for Renewal

Cutting energy cords is not reserved for past or draining relationships. It is also applicable to current, positive relationships as a means of regularly cleansing energy and making way for new possibilities.

Understanding Energetic Cords and Their Impact on Our Lives

Visualise an energetic cord as a tube that connects us to another person, with energy flowing within. When the cord is draining us, the energy flows away from us. Conversely, if the cord is nourishing us, energy flows toward us.

Although the exchange of energy can be beneficial, maintaining this connection for too long, or giving away energy we don't have, can lead to an energy imbalance. Often, we unknowingly maintain these energetic cords long after a relationship has ended. The accumulation of cords from many people, combined with the slow depletion of energy over time, can create an energy deficit that impacts our daily lives.

We are also all at risk of this professionally.

Many do not, for example understand my job or why for example, I may charge high rates per hour (noted I am worth over $650 per hr in todays market however I charge a lot less so that I am more accessible)... one of the reasons I charge what I charge & try to not abuse my gift by overusing, and read only a few to several people per day, is simply so that I am able to keep up with my upkeep.

Sure I am very protected, sure I can let a lot slide, however, if I do this too often and too much, I too am at risk of allowing too many cord connections to myself personally and professionally.

Every now and then, I will come across a client who I will need to do cord cutting on, for the benefit of them and myself, so that they are able to maintain independance of self and strength to continue their journey, without being energetically dependent on me.* *Noted that clients will not need to see me too regularly all of the time and that you may find you need to, if you are going through a bad life phase or major issue, and that's ok too! All are welcome as they need to and it is a case by case basis, and I will always be honest with my clients. If you don't need me, I am going to tell you straight.

No healer or reader, practitioner should ever allow unhealthy connections that cause the client or self harm. I will not allow free followup with my clients for several reasons. 1. Because I deserve to be remunerated for my time and energy (boundary). 2. Because my client deserves the appropriate time and energy - and time and care can only be given when I am being remunerated for my time. I want to be able to dedicate the appropriate amount of time and energy - not give a half assed rushed reading. 3. It helps the client decide if they truly need to know, when they have to pay for it. All of these things add up to healthy boundaries, healthy decisions, stability and so forth. It helps to maintain health energetic cords because us all.


Ok ok, so what’s the big deal?

Signs of Negative Cord Connections

When feeling emotionally or physically drained from connections, it can manifest in a variety of ways. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Depleted energy levels... too tired to be bothered.

  • A general sense of lethargy and depression, accompanied by unexplained sadness. Some may describe this as suicidal thoughts or “feel like killing myself”.

  • Feeling stuck or unable to make decisions which can lead to you feeling dependent on others ie co-dependency as well.

  • Obsessive thoughts about another person... way too many thoughts on what they are doing or why they did not reply to my message.

  • Nausea or generally feeling unwell.

  • Frequently speaking about another person, often in a judgmental or negative manner.

  • Lowered immune function, resulting in frequent sickness.

  • Engaging in unhealthy habits and addictive behaviours, such as smoking, binge eating, drinking, drug use, and even seemingly healthy habits like over or under exercising.

  • Anxiety.

  • Resentment .

  • Sleep and dream issues and so forth.

  • Someone connected and in control of you, may also influence your decision making and putting you in a bad position or worse.

  • You could literally be feeling the same negative ways that they have described to you and

You could be experiencing bad luck, just like that person has been. Moons ago I had a client who was causing me a great deal of anxiety. I had become so drawn into her drama and issues, because frankly I felt sorry for her and she clearly needed my help (she kept asking for it and pushing for it, even when I said no)... we had built a close spiritual connection (we saw each other a lot, hung out a bit and essentially I genuinely cared about her - she had few people to assist and so I went that extra mile and a half with her) and all of that combined, with being pretty much "on call" (whether I liked it or not) I really started to feel it hard. She was making her issues my own and would not let up.

I genuinely wanted to help but... and I tried to help as much as I could, but everythign I gave, was never enough...

She messaged me all day and all night. And even if I was not responded, she continued to msg me. Frank conversations were not working. Very direct language was not working at all. I would literally set boundaries and say "don't do that" and she would agree and then immediately do it again.

I mean don't get me wrong, I saw it coming! It's me, of course I did but like anyone, I am only human and she was quite happy to take advantage of that... And me being me and really wanting to see this girl succeed and push through this bad patch, put my best foot forward... hoped for the best but also knew it push came to shove, I would walk away knowing I gave it my best shot. I also knew I had things to learn from some of these experiences.

But then I started to realise that she was not taking the advice - free or paid and that she had become a 4th child... and that more and more, I was giving up a lot of time for this woman... including from paying clients... my own kids were now also starting to suffer and I realised I was so taken up by her, energetically and timeline wise, that I had to cut her loose.

She knew no boundaries and didn't give a shit about any I had tried to create. She was attempting to read my energy and well, the rest is history but let's just say, the cords were cut and I was able to breath a sigh of relief once again!


Releasing the Ties That Bind: Cord Cutting Rituals for Restoring Energy

This is the good bit... While most of us rely on thinking through our problems, in order to take back the energy we have lost through connections, we need to engage energetically. Here are some ways to cut cords and establish energetic boundaries:

  • Salt Bath: Purify, cleanse, and balance your energetic body with salt.

  • Smudging: Use white sage or palo santo to purify your energetic body and restore your connection with the Divine through smoke cleansing.

  • Journaling (Diary): Write down your unfiltered thoughts, desires, and frustrations in a diary. This can be a powerful tool for releasing negative energy. Burn the writings as a symbol of release and disconnection from the person, act, or experience in question.

  • Visualization: Imagine the person you want to disconnect from and a pair of scissors in your mind. Use the scissors to cut the cord between you and the person.

  • After and or during performing these cord cutting rituals, you may wish to say the following blessing: "I have released the cords and connections that no longer serve me or do me good. I banish and remove forever all cords from all planes, times and places and they shall never return to me or my connections. I release those and never look back at the past. I feel good, I welcome new connections and I am enlightened on my new path. "

BeWitchy Magazine If you found this article helpful, please leave us a 5 star review and explanation as to why you left it. We appreciate your support and grateful you found us here. When you give to the universal energies that be, they give to you.

  • Warrior Strength to those who deserve it & Destruction to those who need it!

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If you found this article helpful, please leave us a 5 star review and explanation as to why you left it. We appreciate your support and grateful you found us here. When you give to the universal energies that be, they give to you.

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