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6 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Witch Every Day.

Embracing your inner witch involves fully adopting a mystickal lifestyle. By infusing magick into your daily routine, you can encounter enchanting moments every day, regardless of your activities.

If you were living as your inner witch right now, what would you be engaged in? How would you feel?

To manifest this reality, follow your intuition, trust your instincts, prioritize your magick as much as any other task in your life (stop favoring laundry over witchcraft – both are essential!), and seek a supportive community for accountability, like you have found here or on

But what does it mean to embody your inner witch on a daily basis? Here are 6 practices that could work for you - afterall they have for others!:

  1. Morning Ritual – Kickstart your day with witchcraft! Check the moon phase, zodiac sign, and the corresponding house in your birth chart. Draw an oracle card, reflect on it in your journal, and jot down five things you're grateful for.

  2. Support System – As mentioned before connect with your community, whether it's your close friends in a casual coven, your spiritual business mentorship group, or the amazing individuals in the circles and memberships you lead yourself.

  3. Tea Time – Select a tea blend that aligns with the season and moon phase for the day. You can even perform magick and or divination, using said tea.

  4. Magickal Workday or Playday – Illuminate a candle, diffuse essential oils, use crystals to cleanse your workspace, or infuse magick into your work routine, regardless of your profession. We do it at BeWitchy all the time!

  5. Seasonal To-Do List – Create a seasonal list of witchy and enjoyable activities.

  6. Lay on your bed with some crystals and tarot cards... feel the cards and crystals, embrace them, sleep with them and feel empowered by them.

It really is and can be that simple! BeWitchy Magazine

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  • Warrior Strength to those who deserve it & Destruction to those who need it!

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