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"Spell Tattoos"

At BeWitchy we often work with an edge, something magickal!

When we tattoo we work by setting intentions as discussed with you at your consultation.

We offer flash, design originals & create sigils, anything that can and does involve magick and intentions.

Example: we had a client who wanted a sexy mermaid tattoo. We designed an original

"sexy" mermaid. When we tattooed her, we set the intention throughout her session, so that the

tattoo would bring her love, sex, adoration and that men would flock to her, wanting her and loving her,

her tattoo & being super generous financially.

The tattoo itself is not hard to love as it really is a gorgeous black and white tattoo.

During the past 6 months, she has been dating several men and really enjoying herself.
She received what she asked for plus more! She often has 4-6 boyfriends at one time. That is

what she wanted and she received it. They all love her tattoo and become obsessed with her and the tattoo, wanting to know who did it and wanting to take photos of it.

This is our edge! Magickal BeWitchy tattoos, BeWitchy Ink®  BeWitchy™

So come get that consultation, let us know what it is you want and desire with "intention setting".



Yes, we offer free touch ups on all tattoos done at BeWitchy as long as your touch up is booked within 3 months of your original booking.
If you require a touch up after this timeframe, you will be required to pay a fee. 
If you have not followed our aftercare instructions and your tattoo has become infected or has not healed desirably, we will not offer free touch ups.
Please follow  aftercare instructions, you want your new tattoo to last a lifetime!


Follow the after care instructions. If you don't any healing issues are on you.


It all depends on the design and size of it. We will let you know during or after your consultation the cost and you will be required to pre-pay for your session in full.
Our minimum cost is around $180. And our artist generally charges out at around $250 an hr.


At the moment we do not. Our artist has been out of the game for a while and just getting back into the swing of things, for that reason she has asked for us to say "No hands, feet, faces or necks" for now, but these will be available again in the near future.


Q: Will you tattoo my face ?
Yes but not at this time. When the artist is ready again to add those back to the menu, we will let you know. However, don't forget that there are a lot of judgy and traditional people out there and face tatts can impact your acceptance in the work place.



Yes, we are fully licensed council approved, insured and adhere to strict Health regulations.
We care about the health and safety of our artists and clients. 
Artists use disposable needles, ink caps, covers, gloves, paper towels and anything else that is used during the tattoo.  


Yes our artist will absolutely does custom designs, in fact she prefers them! and she prefers to pre-draw freehand with skin safe markers, over using stencils and doing flash art.
Email us references pics etc prior to your consultation.  If you require a drawing to be done prior to your consultation, we do require you prepay a drawing fee.


PLEASE SAY SOMETHING! Whilst we endeavor to give you a perfect service, we are not perfect. And we will most likely ask you if you think we missed a spot (even when we inspect), and this is your chance to be honest. But you are welcome to say something at any point during your appointment.


18+ to get a tattoo with us. We will absolutely not accept bookings with under 18's.



  1. Rest and Sleep Well
    Rest well the day before. We know you might be excited or nervous and not sleep well and that is why it is imperative you are at least rested the day before.  Honestly, no partying! That's our best advice.

  2. Eat Healthy and Drink Water
    You must eat well on the day of your tattoo! Absolutely NO junkfood or shitty ass takeaways. Have a full cooked meal. Bacon, eggs, toast, all that jazz! Eating or not eating may cause you faint etc and it will ruin your session. In fact, it will end your session as we will not be able to continue.  You may bring snacks and drinks with you. You should drinks all 8 glasses of water the day before and should have drunk water prior to your session. We can not emphasise enough how important this is!
    If your becoming unwell is because you did it to yourself ie didn't eat or ate crap, the next session will need to be prepaid again by you - we will not reschedule you for free.

  3. Avoid Exercise/Training 
    No gyms or exercise the day before please!  

  4. Do not come in Sick!  
    If you are sick or have been sick recently, we highly recommend a reschedule - noted we will overlook rescheduling if you are genuinely sick but don't bullshit to us. We don't want what you are offering in the world of sickness as this could potentially cost us more than just a few dollars.

  5. Avoid Partying/Alcohol/Drugs
    This goes without saying, we hope that there should be no partying for at least a few days leading up to your tattoo session with us! That's our best advice. Drugs and alcohol, can effect your ability to sick still, your pain tolerance and your blood flow - we send bleeders away!

  6. No Tanning
    No Suntans and no Spraytans!!! We will not tattoo that has burns, cuts, and so forth. Have your skin clean and clear of anything like this for at least 2 weeks.

  7. No Scrub a dubbing or Exfoliating please
    If you like to exfoliate, please do not have done this for at least 3-4 weeks prior to your tattoo. 

  8. Moisturised Skin is part of the key of a successful tattoo
    We require you to apply moisturizing lotion or cream or even coconut oil on the area to be tattooed, for at least one week straight prior to your appointment. The longer you do it the better though. 

  9. Showering
    Yes tattoo 12-24hrs before your tatt session. If you arrive stinky as fuck, you will be rescheduled once only - do it again and you prepay again to secure a booking.
    We recommend preplanning your wardrobe the day before. Dress comfy and cosy and make sure your clothing is clean and not smelly. Clean socks! Clean enclosed shoes! Clean undies!

  10. Shaving the area
    Please allow us to shave the area we are tattooing for you. There is no need for you to do it and it's best done freshly for your tattoo. We use brand new disposable razors.

  11. Pain relief
    If you are going to insist on having over the counter meds or otherwise to help curb the pain of a long session, that is your choice BUT know that it is your responsibility to check with your Dr or Pharmacist about what pain relief is best, keeping in mind, that some meds can thin the blood, and that we send bleeders away for another day. If you come back and overbleed during a 2nd session, we will not reschedule and you would need to rebook with a new prepayment ie it costs you again.
    For those people who have really bad reactions or a gross amount of pain, we do offer numbing cream but honestly, this only goes so far and for so long.

  12. Do I have to be honest when filling out my details?
    Yes by entering into any booking with us, it is expected that you will be 100% honest, especially when it comes to matters of health - these are our terms and conditions and choices to make. We will take legal action against any person who lies to us by putting us or our artist at risk (intentionally contaminating), especially in the area of health matters.
    Our health also effects our families and children that rely upon on to be well, healthy and capable.
    You are obligated by the terms and conditions of this service to make us aware of any blood borne diseases (HIV, Hepatitis etc), whether you have Diabetes or any disorder or illness that may effect your health, the final result of your tattoo or ability to sit through a session. Any diseases you may or may suspect having needs to be made aware to us, and it is at our discretion as to whether we tattoo you or not. By booking with us, you agree to all these terms and conditions.
    Whilst we are taking 100% effort to ensure there is no contaminations made, we do need to know as some drugs taken may impact your tattoo and it's result. Compromised immune systems can and will also impact the result of the tattoo and we need to know you understand this in full. We will take no liability for a tattoo that becomes infected or does not heal, because you have a disease you did or did not disclose to us.
    All bookings and details are confidential, unless it comes down to a matter of lying and putting us at risk. Then this information could be used in court or with police against you.
    Whilst websites like this ( suggest there is no need to disclose your status of HIV for example to an intimate partner or according to this, even a dentist, we would disagree in the area of tattooing for the following reasons, 1. even though we are taking precautions, blood splatters (by the terms of the cities health inspectors we are not permitted to have porous items in the vicinity of tattooing for this reason alone). 2. the final result of your tattoo may be impacted by your bodies inability to heal etc and or we may need to give your alternate advice to ensure a better healing etc.
    *We have no prejudices against any person with a blood borne disease or otherwise, in fact we do have clients in other areas of our store that do have HIV and it is no issue because they are completely transparent and we all know what precautions and extra precautions we need to take.
    Essentially there is no need to fear judgment or anxiety surrounding this, simply let us know and we can have an honest and transparent conversation about your health, perhaps we may suggest speaking to your Medical Practitioner for him /her/they/them to advise as to whether you are well enough to heal from a tattoo.
    Ultimately if you don't wish to be honest, you do not have to use our service, there are plenty of other amazing artists in the world who will never ask or want to know. 
     In our professional opinion it would be unethical and immoral for any person (incl. us) to hide having a blood borne disease or disease that impacts your immune system - you may after all be putting yourself at risk also by having the tattoo. There are extra precautions we can take by having this knowledge ie long sleeve coverings, shields, masks and so forth.

  13. Other Questions
    If you have any other questions, please email

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