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BeWitchy Subscription Boxes


Our subscription boxes are just loved by all! REALLY!

We put love, care, attention to detail and all the bits in between.

We guarantee you will love the content and if for some strange reason you do not, you are free to cancel whenever you like! BUT we welcome feedback any time and we do aim to please, legitimately. Our reviews really speak for themselves.

Image by Dan Farrell

Reviews/ Feedback

"Oh my, as I open the outside plastic of the parcel the smell that wafts out is enticing."

"The binder with the words don't decorate me yet makes me wonder what is to come, then I find the inside with the bewitchy information I love it, it's all laminated and can be protected"

"The herbs and salt in their own containers are awesome, I love the tea in the test tube it is an interesting way to present it, and the moon tea strainer is lovely. The altar cloth is beautiful, goes well with the moon theme that I feel from the box."

"I look forward to drawing moon cards daily, and I look forward to organising everything into the respective spells. I look forward to my next box and the joy I will have in unboxing it."

"Thankyou for taking the time, the care you put into making everything, and the sourcing of items to make the boxes and sending them to all of us, thankyou."

Image by Muhammad Haikal Sjukri


Our vision is to simply give you a box that acts as a supply source, but also fulfils the needs of the suggested spell work during the moon phases.

We want to give you something fun and joyful to look forward to each month.

We want to empower you!

We are aiming to educate, help, support, assist and communicate.

Image by Paige Cody
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