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The Fairytale Reading

Want Madame Verveine to tell you what you want to hear? This is what it will cost you...

  • 4 hr
  • 10,000,000 Australian dollars
  • Newcastle Street

Service Description

At BeWitchy, we offer a unique service that will leave you spellbound. Let Madame Verveine tell you what you want to hear, whether it's about love, career, or life in general. Our service comes with a price, but the insight and guidance you'll receive will be priceless AND it will give you slight relief knowing that you will hear what you want to hear ie this means you will be lied to. You won't be upset... you will be so happy to have someone tell you what you want to hear. Are we taking the piss? Yes a little but we hope to make a point... essentially Madame Verveine is not willing to lie to her clients but if you want to insist, this is the lowest price she will go to lie to you and tell you what they want to hear (whether it is true or not)... At 10,000,000 it gives her an opportunity to set herself up, invest and not concern herself with a ruined reputation. Did we make a point? Don't want to hear the truth? Don't book in to see Luán. But if you insist on wanting to make her lie, you can always buy this service... who knows, maybe she can wave a magic wand... She's not willing to put her reputation on the line and again, this is what it would cost you. Food for thought: Eventually you will realise it was a lie... will it have changed anything? Will it have made you feel better receiving false hope? A temporary false hood. Or would knowledge and accurate insight been the key to your true happiness?... it is true that sometimes the truth hurts, but is it not better to know upfront and be given tools to help you cope with things we do not like, than be led to believe a stack of bs and essentially end up getting fucked over and shocked? We choose the accurate truth with tools to help you manage along the way. What do you choose? "Lie to me Pinocchio" or "Make me cry a little now with the truth, knowing that in time all will be well, and I will be living my best life!... KNOWING that even though I hated hearing the truth and seeing shitty things play out, that when time comes, I will know how to handle it, I may even surprise myself not even caring or wanting out, and that it is the right thing for me. For example, that I am better off without the abusive partner, because I will find someone who treats me better & most likely live happily ever after!" Life doesn't have to be a fairytale but it should be fair and it should come with someone helping us a long the way, when we need it the most. Madame Verveine is your knight (Dame) in shining armour.

Cancellation Policy

We do not accept cancelations. You may reschedule yourself using this system but must be made within 24hrs of your booking. You may reschedule 1 time only, after that you lose your payment and will need to rebook and repay. If you are wanting to reschedule due to associated anxiety, please let us know as we can work around this. If your service is a reading or other type of consult, you may have a phone or video service. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact Details

  • BeWitchy, Newcastle Street, Northbridge WA, Australia

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