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Understanding Our Booking System

As we have had many enquiries from clients new and old, with regards getting a booking on the day, this simple blog we hope, will better explain how our system works.

How much notice do we need?

We prefer a 12 hr minimum notice to help process employee schedules.

Please understand that staff have employment elsewhere, disabilities/ailments, live a long distance from the shop, children that effect their need & desire for notice and study, so are not readily available on the day or at super short notice.

That being said, you can sometimes get on the day bookings. It depends on other bookings and employee availability, keeping in mind we no longer close the shop for services. The shop has to be open and available to the public as advertised. Some of our customers literally travel hundreds of miles (Bunbury and further), so we therefore update facebook, instagram and google on the day by 9am usually with notices of last minute closures, in the case staff are sick. Keep that in mind if you are traveling a long distance to see us.

Additionally google manually approve updates, so we can not guarantee you will see that alert by 9am. In the case you have pre bookings with Luán and she is perfectly healthy and willing but retail staff are unwell and not scheduled in, you will still get your service and the shop will be closed to the public.

Unless you are ok with Luán serving customers and doing your reading at the same time, that would be the only way we would agree to your booking on the day when no other employees were available on the day, without the 12 hr pre booking OR before and after shop hours.

Some clients have chosen this option (to have a reading whilst the shop remains open - and at the right time of the day it can work out ok with few distractions) and not been dissatisfied but we recommend only repeat clients do this out of necessity and urgency. Let's face it, this comes so easy to her that you could interrupt her 100 times in a reading but you will still get 100% accurate insight and information but it is not for the light hearted.

This option of having a reading at the same time as the shop being open, will not be offered to you - you would have to ask Luán or booking staff for that option.

More about the 12 hr Window

There is a 12 hr booking window on the website for good reason: this means you can not get a booking online within the 12 hrs of a booking. For this reason, you should always try to prebook. Unless your matter is urgent, there really is no reason to not prebook half a day ahead. Think of it like a hairdresser or beauty salon that requires pre bookings ahead of time.

Additionally, Luán has been known to be booked out for up to 3 weeks solid in the past, so it is always best to get in while you can. Bookings can change very quickly and can fill up in waves.

Just because the booking system looked empty when you last checked does not mean all appointments are still available, sometimes as said, we book up over night or by 9am on the same day. This has been a common misconception that we would like to set straight for your benefit. We don't want you to feel disappointed - so please be open minded and aware.

Luán also does email, phone and live chat readings and custom spell work - most of these are scheduled in during working hours as well - so for example, an entire day could be filled with email and custom spell work. Often clients will and do walk in store to prepay and we manually book them in for another day.

Why do we do this?

As already mentioned this allows us to schedule in employees & give them notice. It also allows us to process any manual bookings ie premium clients (on plans), clients who are not computer savvy (usually the elderly or non English speaking clients), walk in booking clients. Also we sometimes need to do manual reschedules. We may have already received numerous requests for reschedules for on the day.

We Recommend

You book in for another day that suits you and then double check with staff the likelihood of getting in on the day - we sometimes can! and do not mind moving you... however, in the off chance you are unable to get in on the day, you now have a booking that best suits you.

We prefer clients not "hold us hostage" ie give me today or I won't book in for another day.

We recommend that you get in as quickly as you can because bookings can and will fill up over night & be willing to show flexibility where you are able to.

Understanding our Rock Star Reader

Pre asking for an on the day booking and refusing to choose another day with a "oh well it wasn't meant to be" really has no place in the world that is Luán... and for this reason, we felt it was necessary to explain some things about Luán and how she works.

  1. She is very busy and does genuinely get booked out or too busy to deal.

  2. If she is too tired, sick or not in the mood, yes not in the mood (usually because she has overworked) she will not do a demand service (unless it is urgent & even then you will get 100% - she is always very committed - she will always put her own needs etc aside to suit a clients needs, if it is possible)...

  3. Even though she is a professional and has been doing this for over 30 years it is worth noting that her success has come from recognising her own human limitations and needs, physically and spiritually... and that is actually something we consider that makes her amazing! Her success has also been because of her amazingly "never seen by the owner of the International Psychics Association before" connection to spirit ie her ability to converse with him.

  4. Sometimes she will say no on the day if spirit tells her to - this could be for a variety of reasons, and it's best that you trust in the powers that be - it will serve you well. Spirit reads everyone and their intentions and emotions and he will immediately let Luán know if you are a no go, at least for the day. He sees how your reading will turn out on the day and your behaviour or intake of information may differ on another day. Trust in the process.

  5. She is a perfectionist when it comes to her readings but she is also creative, artistic, sometimes difficult and rebellious... she is free spirited by nature (she does not do well with people trying to push her into corners)... spirit also does not like this being done to her or himself, so when it comes to her insight & gift, we recommend prebooking & behaving respectfully... her ethics and commitment to you is the reason she is a stand out gifted reader - she wants to give you 100%, you are a priority to her and spirit... so attempting to hold her ransom or mistreat her has no relevance here and will not serve you well. It is much more complicated than it appears to be on the surface.

  6. She is only human too! She does not pertain to being a god, even though she has god like abilities and has been referred to as a god send and earth angel for many years.

  7. She is not a love and lighter even though she works from a pure place delivering your services. She does not put up with any form of bullying.

  8. She is a mum of 3 kids - with disabilities. She does schedule her appointments outside of booking hours but this is not always possible. Therefore demanding on the day, will not always be possible even if there is client availability.

  9. We have seen a lot of people go book elsewhere when they have not been able to get in with Luán on the day, only to return to us on another day, because they were unhappy with results made elsewhere - Luán is worth the wait! Everything happens for a reason! Trust us!

Luán will accommodate urgent services and clients with anxiety etc. *All employees sign NDA's so your secrets and emotions are safe with us - just let a staff member know if you feel you are suffering and we will make it a priority - With her approval we may even extend her hours to suit your needs.

Manual Bookings

We can take over the phone bookings however, prepayment to secure is still essential.

You may text or phone us but please be ready, willing and able to either click on a payment link to make an immediate payment or to give us your card details over the phone.

That being said, we find the online booking system is best suited for all - so it is preferential that this is used. It is very immediate and accurate and does save on time and delays, and potentially missing out on a preferred booking slot. It can take us longer to manually provide a booking for you - and we have seen clients miss out on their desired booking time for this reason.


This is our preferred method. Again, book somewhere it suits you, that you can fit into your schedule and then ask if it is possible to do it sooner. It also gives us a chance to see if there is anything possible in the before and after hours slots ie 9am to 10am and 4pm to 5pm. Luán will sometimes give up a break to fit a reading in.

After Hours Bookings for Urgent or Preferred/Essential Bookings.

Luán sometimes offers before and after hours service bookings ie 9am, 9.30am and 4pm. So again, it is wise to prebook elsewhere and then you can ask to be manually shifted to one of those slots not advertised.

Ali's Services Ali who works in the Services Room conducting beauty services (such as Spray Tans) is available on the day but prepayment to secure will be necessary. We do prefer you schedule using the 12hr rule though because her availability can be dependent on bookings already made prior to the 12hr window. Thank you for your understanding.

We hope this helps you better understand Luán more so specifically and the need to have a 12 hr window for her services & others as per our need to give employees notice.

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