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Our: As Requested "Client Stories." Domestic Abuse.

We share clients stories and readings here with this topic. Can also be heard on our podcast.

*Most stories are shared with permission but please note, no story will ever include a client or customers real name. Nor will details be given that could possibly reveal a clients identity.

**Warning: this story does mention and depict domestic abuse.

Lots of people often ask me about my other clients, with interest of their life experiences and experiences with me as a reader. Our: As Requested "Client Stories." Domestic Abuse.

Sometimes spirit asks me to share clients stories or examples to clients.

When this is done, it is always done for a reason and bigger purpose. Perhaps it is 100% relevant or partially relevant. Whatever the reason, I always explain to clients why spirit is getting me to share this example or experience with them.

You know we all go through good and bad times in our life times, and sometimes it can take hearing someone else's story to confirm to us we are not alone or that others have had similar experiences, and maybe things worked out better for them in the long run.

Sometimes, well, it's just an interesting thing to hear. Sometimes these examples or stories are long winded and other times quite short but whatever the case, if you are in a session and these examples occur, please hear them out, as they come out for a reason!

For years now, clients have suggested and requested that I share publicly some of my clients stories and so we shall.

The High Priestess

Client: Stacey* When Stacey first came to see me, she was confused, her life a mess and she had purchased herself a 30 minute reading.

Not because she couldn't afford a lengthier reading but because in her own words, she wanted to make sure I was genuinely good at what I do. Her experience thus far had been a multitude of hit and miss readers and it had left her feeling skeptical. That's fair enough and who can blame her, right?!

It was clear to me that Stacey truly needed my help but I had my work cut out for me.

Her 30 minute session turned into an extra hour + at no extra charge from me.

Not because I do not value my worth, but because 1. I had the time and 2. I valued the worth of my client and the longevity of our pending working relationship - and I was right to.

Throughout the reading, I nagged her a little to take the advice on board - because I could see she wasn't going to take it on board ie wasn't sure how accurate I was going to be. Anyone who takes my advice, I can affirmatively say, reaps the rewards.

I wanted this girl to find her happiness in this world.

So as I was saying, she was a hard nut to crack in a way because she was very skeptical after her experiences with other psychics.

Essentially I had won her over very quickly as I was able to display to her my accuracy. Saying things, such as described by her as "blowing her mind".

You are reading: Our: As Requested "Client Stories." Domestic Abuse.

Love should not hurt

When we were doing the reading, I specifically described to her an event of domestic abuse that was going to happen to her in the next few months, actually the day before a commercial event (I have left that detail out as it could reveal my clients identity).

I told her that she would have an experience with her current partner that would change her entire life, and as I was describing these events to her, spirit said to me that she would say it was out of character for him, I said that to her and as I was saying it, she said it also, in a way that said to me, that she did not believe me.

At this point I said to her "I know this is going to be out of character for him. But I assure you I am very accurate and I'm very good at what I do and this will be 100% accurate".

So I was very adamant to her and I went into those details and during those details I said to her, that the day before *commercial event* in front of family members and children (I was even able to tell her what specific family members were going to be in the home when this event took place), that he would attack her physically etc.

I described all sorts of abuse and police needing to be called etc, so it was quite an intense reading for her. And I knew it was a lot to take for her to take on board, hence my extending her reading for free for an hour.

So during that reading I was able to tell her when it would happen, where it would happen and how she could even avoid this terrible occurrence.

During her reading I was able to tell her how to avoid this event, that this event of domestic abuse was avoidable. Unfortunately, that meant that she had to really trust in what I was giving her 100% and given this was her first reading with me, let's face it, it is a tall ask. And honestly I never expect any client to take my advice but I do my best to get through to them - it can be a tall ask of anyone let a lone a client who has had bad past experiences with wannabe readers.

I mean this, this was the first time this girl had ever been to me, and it's not uncommon for me to witness clients not taking any advice I give them, even the clients that have been to me for over 20 years sometimes. It's not within their power or even our power to be able to take advice on board. So there's certainly never any judgment from me. Taking risks can be a very scary thing, especially if you are feeling lonely or desperate or not wanting to believe.

To be fair sometimes these horrendous acts needs to happen in order for us to accept a situation is 100% over and done with. But spirit was clear in saying it did not need to happen and he was right.

I told her what to do, how to avoid it, but I also told her what the final outcome would be if she did or didn't avoid it.

We got into a lot of details, a lot of specifics, and I did nag her a lot about why she should listen to me. I gave her many examples of accuracy. It is my way of attempting to convince someone with examples.

I went on to think about her from time to time, as I do with most of my clients, because I do actually care about my clients, and I wondered how she was and if she was going to take my advice, and I really hoped that she was going to.

Anyway, few months passed by and the prediction had happened, but I hadn't heard from her yet. And of course I thought of her again. And I thought, oh, you know, I hope that she's come out of this prediction, OK? Umm. And I knew it had happened. Obviously I sense & see a lot of stuff and I know a lot of things that people do not expect me to know... I know if a client is not happy with my service, I know if a client is angry with me, I know if a client loves me, I know if a client has bagged me out and back stabbed me.

I'm not one for chasing up with my clients either (unless spirit tells me to), because I never want my clients to feel obligated, pushed and I never want them to feel like I'm trying to do sales pitches on them or upsell them. You'll either want a reading with me and you either want to come back or you don't. Um, that being said, sometimes we all need encouragement or a reminder, some of you will be hearing from my PA's and assistants because I will be following up with some of you from time to time.

Domestic abuse
Domestic Abuse is not ok.

So back onto this lady.... So I think it was a few months later and she messaged me to say, look, I knew you were accurate, but I didn't realize that you were that accurate (a statement I have hear often). She said, I "blew her mind" but also scared her. She's never come across anything like it in her entire life. So she said she would definitely come back within the next month or so for a reading.

A few months went by again, she still hadn't booked in. And I immediately knew she'd been to someone else for a reading. Now I'm not the cheapest, but in saying that, I haven't put my prices up for years and there's people who are far below me in skill and ability charging the same price and I have been market valued at over $600 per hour. However, I charge a lot less than that.

I knew that one of the reasons she hadn't come back was it was really just a matter of the money. $180 per hr was a lot of money for a single mum to be forking out, even if I am mind bendingly accurate!

She wanted to find someone cheaper. I knew that she'd come back because I knew whoever she went to was genuinely really not gonna be as good as me and that they had probably done her head in, like I see happen to so many clients new and old.

It's not arrogance or ignorance, it is confidence. And if anything over the years has shown me or taught me is how bloody accurate I am.

So a month or so goes by and she eventually turns up for a reading, and I looked across the table from her and I said to her jokingly, "you cheated on me, didn't you?" (a line I hear myself saying every now and then). And she laughed and she confirmed that she had she'd gone to see another reader. A friend of hers had recommended a reader who was a lot cheaper than me. And her friend had told her the reader was very accurate. If I had a dollar for every time this happens! I tell you $$$.

So she went to this reader and this reader had given her some insight that had freaked her out, and she wasn't sure if the reader was right or not, but it really scared her.

She's sitting across from me. She admits to me that she did go to another reader. Why? IE the money? And says to me, "It is true what they say, you get what you pay for". Generally, because that being said, I know readers who charge the same and more than me, who are not as good as me - I've heard from clients, new and old.

So she goes on to tell me this reader has told her, that her now ex, the one that I predicted would beat her up, was going to kick her and their child out of their home. At this point he had allowed her to stay on on in the home as I had predicted.

She continues "Look, I came back to you because, one, I know you're accurate and I know you're gonna tell me the truth and you're gonna help me. And I know that anything you say to me. Is going to be accurate, and any advice you give is going to be accurate".

I didn't even need to look deeply to know. And I said this to her, that the reader had misinterpreted what she'd seen, and she'd left out a valuable vital part of information. And that information was the following. That yes, he would kick her and their child out of their home, IF she started saying another man and brought the man home into their previously shared home. And that was it. That was all she had to do - not bring any men into the home.

So this woman had convinced her that by the end of the year, her and their child were going to be homeless. She'd not seen that it was avoidable. And I simply said to her, "Look, if you're going to start dating someone else, you're going to start seeing someone else, that's fine, but just don't bring them home. Don't throw it in his face. Give him some time more to adjust, even if you have to wait another six months or so for him to actually officially move on. Once he officially moves on, he'll be perfectly fine with whatever you do personally". That was the advice from spirit.

And you know, it's been over a year. And of course, she's seen me a couple more times and won't go to anyone else now. I have my loyal client and I am loyal to her.

I don't mind if my clients see other readers but what I do mind, is other readers, fucking my clients up. Often, I find myself picking the pieces up. Which is fine too but... it is avoidable, and some of my long standing loyal clients who do use other readers, do it for fun only.

She is still living in that home with their child and there are no issues. She has not been made homeless and she never will because I know she'll take that advice and I know he will be perfectly fine with her moving on and seeing someone else, when she is ready.

It just had to take a little bit more time. Six months or so, and it was a risk and I guess an effort worth making to ensure that she had peace of mind and a roof over the head of herself and their child.

Smile face
Things do and will get better.

Some of you will think or say "She shouldn't have to hide a new relationship." and yes personally I would agree but professionally that was not the best choice for her life path and it was just a temporary solution for a woman who did not want to lose her home.

Moreover she was willing and able to wait it out as she was still healing from the trauma she had already endured with him. Rushing this woman into a new relationship was also not the best decision for her - she literally was not looking and she literally had no intention at that time of meeting anyone - that reader missed this very vital insight. And she was supposedly good at what she did - she came recommended?

We should never judge another person or clients decision and as a mother, I totally get it! Especially in the world we live in and especially in the state that she lives in, as there is a legit housing crisis.

So I wanted to share this story because, it's a lot less about bragging and more about letting you know there are really accurate readers out there. I don't know who. I've never met any as good as me and I have been "read" by many other business colleagues - none impressed me in the slightest (except 1 but she had a habit of not being confident and sometimes giving personal advice, rather than advice from spirit), and I'll tell you the truth, I've never heard stories about anyone as good as me. I'm sure there's probably some celebrity psychics out there who really are amazing and maybe even better than me. I don't know. But what I do know is I am bloody good at what I do. And if you do take the advice and you listen, it will service you well, It will work in your favour. You can't pick and choose.

That's the thing I've learned about what I do is you can't pick and choose the and and take bits of information I give you to suit yourself. It has to be 100% followed through as described or And I guess also my point is, you know, there's a lot of readers out there that sure, they're good at what they do, and they may make accurate predictions but they lack the true gift and ability of telling you what will happen if you do this or that. Often times they're these readers don't see beyond. I mean, that reader was able to see that she was going to get kicked out, but didn't see that it definitely wasn't going to happen and that it was only going to happen if she started basically throwing a new man in her ex's face. IT WAS AVOIDABLE ffs!

So. Yeah, Be careful about the insight that you take on from psychics. Unless you're 100% sure they're bloody good at what they do, that they've never let you down. A good reader will not only give you predictions, they'll give you valuable insight and advice from spirit, not personal opinion.

There are too many readers out there given bullshit personal opinion, and those people should not have the right to be a reader. There really does need to be a bigger scope of protection for customers and clients, and a bigger, I guess governed more so.

Hazarding a little guess here and there, or you know, doing an architecturally intuitive reading, doesn't cut it. In my book, you're either gifted or you're not. You're gifted from birth or you're not at all. Yes you can develop your intuition and instinct, no you can not miraculously be gifted suddenly, unless a random spirit suddenly uses your body and soul as a portal but even then, I have seen them jump ship from a meat suit and leave it in pieces.

You don't just wake up one day with a gift. That's bullshit.

So take care people. Be careful. And I wanted to share this woman's story because again, it wasn't about saying, oh hey look, she went off to someone else and got screwed over or that she hadn't listened and got screwed over... It was more about just sharing her story and sharing my story as well, my accuracy and how I help people. And there'll be many more like this, many more stories to tell. I don't doubt I will get to share more of her story but for now, I can tell you, she is getting her happy ending and she will keep getting her happy endings.

Warrior Strength to those who deserve it & Destruction to those who need it!

International Psychic Medium Witch
Madame Verveine+
Witchcraft Practitioner, Demonologist, Author, Artist, Mentor, Owner and Founder of BeWitchy

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