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New Shop Opening Hrs & What Else is New?

Open sign in shop
Open Sign

*Commencing on the week of the 20th February 2024.

We have had one hell of a ride and it's not quite over but... we are nearly there.

Yes our Northbridge shop, will still also double as our Head Office and yes, we will be opening still at a 2nd location over the coming couple of years, as soon as we find the right place, BUT, being closed for this short period, had us realising, that we really do need to keep this location open as well, and so we will.

The amount of messages and calls we received begging us to open back up, had us realising we were loved and missed and for that, we thank you dearly!

The shop will be open:

  1. 🪄Monday 10am to 5pm; By Appointment Only: - open for Services & Shopping/Consultations.

  2. 🕸️Tuesday to Thursday 10am to 5pm; Services by Appointment Only, Walk-in to View Store & Shop:  - open for Services & Shopping/Consultations.

  3. 🐍Friday & Saturday 10am to 4pm; By Appointment Only:  - open for Services & Shopping/Consultations.

  4. 💕Sunday 11am to 5pm; Services by Appointment Only, Walk-in to View Store & Shop: - open for Services & Shopping/Consultations.

Where possible we will schedule closures only during the closed to the public days (Mon, Fri and Sat) but this won't always be possible, especially if staff are off sick. Knocking on the door and expecting entry on days we are closed to the public, will not get you access without an appointment. Thank you for your understanding.

What else is new? Spray Tans! Spray tans are finally here and those bookings will be open week commencing the 27th February 2024. We just have a little more reno's to do in that area. Noted our shop is not white, love and lightly clinical, so one would either not care about the witchy aesthetics or love them!

TV! We have a TV set up in the shop now and will be playing a range of movies, music, haunting and ghost shows and all sorts of spooky stuff!

Stock! All of our stock is slowly coming back out of storage, so you can expect more items on the website and more in store.

Handcrafted Products! All our handcrafted products are slowly coming back in store as well. Beauty, Candles, Herb Mixes and all sorts of magnificent items will be at your finger tips. BeWitchy Spell Books and Manuals! All back in stock soon!

BeWitchy branded Tarot and Oracle Cards! Hopefully back in stock during March 2024 at the latest. And look honestly, there is so much new going on that we probably need to let you know via the Newsletters - so if you haven't already, by all means, please sign up.


Q: I messaged you yesterday and you still haven't replied a day later? A: We have seen lots of missed calls and text messages outside of business hours, with some customers demanding a response - business is over at 5pm and we will not respond until the shop is open next. The phones will often get turned off, so we won't know until we are back at work.

If we do respond outside of business hours, it is a mere courtesy. Please respect our privacy and personal time. We have family, friends and kids too. If all staff are off work unwell, and the shop is closed, then we will respond as soon as we are back at work. Please allow us time to rest and recover. Closures are updated on social media and on google, on the day by 9:30am. All clients are contacted and their appointments are rescheduled.

Q: I thought you were open today but the door was locked? A: Please knock on the door, or text the business mobile. Often if we are up and short staffed, we will put a sign in the shop window, right next to the door.

  • Sometimes if service staff are unavailable for their duties or off sick, we will lock the door to give service clients uninterrupted service.

  • If staff are off sick unexpectedly, we update social media is updated for closures, as is Google.

  • Please note: Obviously a sign can not be put on the door window saying we are closed and why, as we are off sick and not coming into work.

  • If services are still running and there is just that one staff member, they can not just drop the service they are doing, and it may take a few mins for them to come to the door.

  • Whilst we understand it is a major inconvenience, please note, it is also frustrating for us, so we truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

Q: Why can't I do a walk-Ins?

We do not do walk ins as our demand is too high. In fact, there is discussion about MV closing her reading books soon and only referred clients and repeat clients will be able to get in for a reading.

  • Repeat clients may book another day that suits them and then ask to be placed on a waitlist. Don't ask if there is anything before you book.

  • Additionally, we are not your average run of the mill crystal shop. We ask our clients to answer questions in our booking system and a walk in is not suitable for that reason. We will not deal with customers or clients unwilling to read & acknowledge disclaimers and include their real names etc.

You can walk in to the shop to view it and shop from it on: Tuesday-Thursday 10am to 5pm and Sundays 11am to 5pm. You do need to book for services everyday but can Book to View the shop on the days it is not open to the public for walk-in shopping. If you have any questions please email our support email or text us.

*This is our intention and so it will be, so it is! + 🧿

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  • Warrior Strength to those who deserve it & Destruction to those who need it!

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