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I had a serious back injury & my lack of wanting to get it sorted, nearly fucked me!

A lot of my clients don't know this but I had a serious back injury a few years ago. It was so serious I was told by my physiotherapist to immediately go to hospital and asked me if I wanted him to call me an ambulance.


He refused to treat me

Instinctually, I was like "wow! This guys a cunt! Is he for real?!" And honestly that reaction was accurate. (Btw I am a straight shooter by personality and I enjoy swearing, even in my services - but also don't swear if spirit tells me not to and am an empathic/sympathetic person).

He showed me no empathy, emotionally ragged me out to the point I was crying and had lost all hope of ever having a normal life, ever again based on what he told me. And I aint no cry baby, let me tell you!

I felt like I had been put through the ringer. He questioned my very being.

He didn't refuse to treat me in the past, when I had presented in even worse condition after a car accident... it made no sense...

Where's your family? Who is here for you? Like why was he asking me such personal questions, just treat me dickhead!

Who is there for your kids if anything ever happens to you?! These were very final questions and he spoke about my death! Like what would happen to them if I died! Like ok he aint psychic but what did that have to do with my issue?!

These were also very confronting questions especially given my mother is DEAD! And I have very little to do with most family whom live nearest to me.

My best friend was DEAD!

Like who is this guy? Why was he doing this to me?!

I mean honestly I left wondering if he was bi-polar. And maybe he is.

... And I'm thinking wow, sounds like some of the other "psychics" my clients have been to... smothering me with personal opinion and negativity, headfucking me left right and center!

Logically he seemed to be right. But my instincts painted a different picture and even though I was almost unable to walk at that point, I went home (in crippling pain) and decided he could go fuck himself.

up yours finger
Fuck you Physio man!

Now, I'm a psychic. I already had questions in my head about him before I made the appointment, and my daughter who is extremely gifted confirmed that he was not the same person and his treatments were different now, but it was something I had to see for myself (just like how some of you guys have to) and went against my better judgement because well, I had been going to this guy for years right, so how could he be so wrong? I was desperate right... like I knew that my back was gunna give again but with the right treatment, it would come good. Ultimately spirit hadn't red flagged me - it was an experience I needed to have.

I was strongly drawn to looking for someone else, other than him, but sometimes it's better the devil you know right? And part of me was scared to be so critical and fucking about trying someone new...

Like I knew I had not been able to walk at all days prior and had only gotten to this point because I had called an in house physiotherapist.

I knew it was serious though. I knew that. Not as serious as the picture he just painted, but serious enough!

But I went home, worsened and didn't know what I would do about it. I certainly wasn't going to the hospital though as I did not see that helping me and ultimately who would be there for my kids?! I really did not think that my situation warranted this however people with similar issues to me, do front up at the hospital regularly (does not mean they should though).

I could have just continued to lay there and literally NOT be able to roll over. I wanted to say, I was laying there and rolled over but that wasn't even the truth. I couldn't roll over.

So as I said, I went home and gradually got worse over the next few days and was back to where I started - unable to leave my bed. It literally took me over 30mins to get off the bed, maybe another 10 to get to the toilet - the pain was critical.

Having to piss standing up. Even number 2's like that! I shit you not. Pun intended.

I felt angry with him because I knew if he had treated me that day, I would not be in this position again! Actually I was worse.

I knew this even logically because I had already had a home visit from a different physiotherapist who had undid some of the issue to get me loose enough, to get there.

But guess what else? If he had treated me that day, his treatment would have been just temporary (or worse) as well... you know how they say everything happens for a reason...

So I ended up calling a different physiotherapy to my home - and thank god for that right! Not the same physiotherapist I had come to my home the first time, because even though he had helped, I felt like there was something more that could be done. Something that was not so temporary.

Well within 40mins or less of the new physiotherapist coming into my home, I was walking again and he did not leave until he knew I was able to sit and shit.

It felt different to the other physio, this felt more promising and this guy was super confident.

I mean he even gave it to me straight. Told me some of the inabilities were in my own head (even though there was a legit serious issue - he explained the mechanics and workings of the issue and why he had that "professional" opinion as well) and fuck me, he was right! Our bodies and minds sometimes react in weird ways that effect our bodies, instincts and natural processes. And just like how our emotions or minds might freeze in a situation we are too scared to deal with or don't know where to start, my body was afraid of the outcomes of movement in part - that was just one facet.

And yay! I could sit, shit and piss again - fanfucktastic right! All hope was restored. I was able to be there for my kids again but my fight was not over.

I had to personally put in the hard yards. Go to the Drs. Get tests, do things to make this right. And I did.

I got results. Good ones.

lady thinking

Why am I telling you this? Because today it hit me hard about how I am scared to see that guy again. Even though he made me right, he was hell a fucking scary! I mean getting me walking wasn't pain free and hearing the truth about what was actually wrong, was kinda scary and intimidating.

He used a method (like how I use techniques and gifts not used typically) not used in Australia typically that releases inflammation, and his treatment actually had me screaming the entire house down - I mean this loud lengthy scream (he laughed). But I didn't cry, I was not in emotional pain, with no hope left in me.

I really was not offended by some of the direct comments because he was not personally attacking me, he was trying to better me for me. He was not judging me. And honestly I am exactly the same with my clients as well!

I screamed like ripping a band aid off (but longer and more meaningful) and it was done.

Essentially his diagnosis was correct according to the reports. My work was not over but I was over the worst part of it because now I could actually get to those other appointments and things.

Why is this relevant to some of you?

Well... for years now I have had occasional clients tell me that I am freaky scary accurate and that sometimes they are not wanting to hear the truth and afraid of what I might say, even though the previous readings have always paid off. They say "you are scary!" "I am too scared to hear what you might say"...

Even clients who know that I give positive outcome, advice and predictions, still get scared to hear the truth sometimes. And that is ok but...

scary man
Scary asf!

I know that will not make sense to some of you, and others will get it. Some of you love hearing the truth, even the scary stuff. I mean, I even get it!

It is scary hearing the truth but it is not something we can avoid forever, and sometimes avoiding it or delaying "treatment" can make situations much worse! I know I have seen this happen to clients and myself - totally relevant to lots of situations.

So just like how I would be scared to ever have treatment with that guy again, I would definitely go and see him if I was unable to walk and in that position again. If I needed treatment, he would be my go to guy 100%.

I mean, you would too right? Why would you suffer or allow even worse positions or situations, by doing nothing or trying other techniques or physiotherapists (or readers ahem!) that don't entirely get the job done?! Sure they're cheaper right, maybe even telling you what you want to hear... leaving the ugly bits out... but does that actually help in the longer term?

This guy was more expensive than my old physiotherapist but you just can't put a dollar on pristine accurate services can you?!

His service was like no one else I have ever experienced, just like my readings are according to clients (yes honestly). He was a life saver, a life changer, a game changer!

So next time you're being a tight ass or not sure if you can be bothered (too busy, too rich, too poor, too tight, too much face buried in the sand, living the good life because my accurate assistance got you the good life or don't want to face your fears) getting invaluable insight, read this story because it's the gods honest truth and well you might need me, just like I needed that Physiotherapist. +

I mean it was life changing. He was amazing. And even though I might not have liked the treatment, some of the things he said and the fact I had to then action other things to get better, HE WAS RIGHT! And that's the bottom line.

I will tell you things you NEED to hear. I will give you advice and insight that you will NEED to action to make things good. Not everyone is the same. Every situation is different. Sometimes there is NOTHING you can do, to change a situation but if there is one, I am going to be the one to tell you.

Sometimes we will all hear shit we don't like but... sometimes it's just meant to be... and sometimes it helps us in the longer term.

Each of you will be treated individually to suit your needs... but come knowing I do deliver and if you listen, and if you let me "treat" you appropriately with honesty, integrity and with my gift, and you listen, take any advice that comes through and action it, all will be well.

To me he was "life changing" and I will be for you too! We (me and the powers that be) care about you. We want to see you succeed. We are not about giving false hopes, bum steers or bullshit stories. Think about it. An inaccurate prediction or advice only reflects badly on me - I have a 100% success rate when clients listen to me and any predictions are always accurate - I am not about to ruin that.

We give professional advice and insight - no personal opinions and no judgements.

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