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Dear Customers

We are now Open By Appointment Only and an Exclusive Only store... And online store.

You may be wondering wtf! Ok we get it, it isn't in the norm of the realm of things to do in retail but lets face it, BeWitchy is not the "norm". We are a brand of many, and offer many services including wholesale.

We have had this request for the past couple of years, by way of customers and clients suggesting we are open by appointment only, so that they may have their privacy. Suggesting that the main face of the brands advice is what clients are seeking ie not fill in staff, who may not necessarily be as knowledgeable. That being said, if you do not specifically book in with Madame Verveine for a viewing you will receive any staff member. Which is perfectly fine if you know what you want.

Essentially we are what others have described as a "specialist service and brand". It really does make sense that the main store now becomes a portal for exclusivity of services and products not open to the general public ie to randomly walk in any time.

We have customers and clients near and far and for those traveling long distances to see us, it was in their favour that we have a by appointment store only. They need and want to know that we are definitely going to be available on the day & that someone of expertise will be there in store, readily available to them, if they should need it on the day.

Truthfully, it makes more sense for us and is more convenient for us to do this as well.

With that in mind, some of our clients desire and require privacy! We all know that privacy can be very hard to come by in a normal day to day retail environment, with others factoring in and out of the store. Also, we understand and appreciate that our clients and customers prefer the advice from someone genuinely in the know.

As we have had massive increases in customers and clients wanting the advice from an expert in their field "Madame Verveine", & an increase of people wanting to view the iconic store, we have decided to make the Northbridge store by appointment only & exclusive.

Several things led to this massive change and we are positive about what lies ahead...

This will mean our time is freed up away from people just coming to the shop to "look" and essentially take up valuable time. Please keep in mind we run many services and this is the base of the branding store where everything is designed.

Monday to Sunday 10am to 5pm is the access hours - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Closures published here, on google, fb and insta. Look for those. There are NO on the day bookings available, so please don't ask. Please book 1-3 days in advance of needing us, via the ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM.

Simone and other staff members may be available here and there at Markets around and outside of Perth, where you will be able to purchase our most popular goods. We will publish those events on the event page and via fb etc.

You can still continue buying your goods online and we will continue to ship those out to you as quickly as possible.

There are now a few booking options.

Please note: we do charge a small fee for bookings - most bookings offer a credit towards store purchases when you follow through with buying during your appointment. No refunds or credits for other days or other people are given. All charges are final.

Exciting times and future!!!

In the future, we will be aiming to have 2 stores in WA. 1 exclusive and 1 open to the general public. We are working towards this and researching.

This will be a second commercial retail shop that will stock all our branded products (and general witchy spiritual goods) being opened elsewhere in the future that can be easily accessed by the public in the next 24 months. We will also be opening Interstate in the future. More details to come then.

*Unfortunately google business does not seem to allow us to change our hrs to reflect that we are by appointment only so please refer to this post - if it is up, then we are still running this system of Exclusive and By Appointment Only.

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