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BEWITCHY INK: Tattoo Before & Aftercare

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

  1. BEFORE YOUR TATTOO: Before care is just as important as your aftercare committment ie no alcohol for 48 hrs prior to the tattoo and be fully hydrated! Eat a good meal before your appointment. You may bring snacks and other things with you but we will also supply you with water, coke, lollies, etc.

  2. Wear loose fitting comfy clothing, ease of access clothing is appropriate or needed, bring earphones, prepare yourself to not talk too much - Dirty does not like to talk too much to ensure all focus is on the job and you get a good final result. And it is always important you do not move during your sessions.

  3. If you sneak some pain relief prior to your session, please do not take anything that thins the blood - ask a Pharmacist or Dr if you are not sure.

  4. SUPER IMPORTANT to be TOTALLY HONEST with all details you provide ie if you have any blood diseases, allergies etc. TATTOO AFTERCARE

Explanation of care
Tattoo Aftercare

Your tattoo aftercare is a huge part of the success of your tattoo outcome. If you mess this up, you can potentionally mess the final result. Essentially if you don't follow these instructions or that of a medical practitioner then the final result if it has issues, is absolutely 100% on you.

Different tattooists will have different advice but the name of the game is that you take the advice from the tattooist you are visiting or following what's worked for you in the past, unless it goes against everything this one suggests and ultimately puts your tatt at risk ie avoid unhygenic practises.

  1. No SUN!

  2. No SWIMMING! or soaking in baths.

  3. No Alcohol for a few days if you can manage it - let your body heal and recover.

  4. Stay HYDRATED!

  5. Use the paper towels provided to pat dry, don't use dirty towels.

  6. It is normal for a buildup of plasma under the film but we do not want it sitting in a pool of plasma for too long.

  7. 24 hours: remove bandage. Let it dry out another 24hrs then apply the smallest amount of cream supplied to you 2 times per day. We will demonstrate in person.

  8. Wash once a day, pat dry with paper towel supplied. Again, we will demonstrate to you on the day.

  9. Better to ask for help from us then sit and suffer! Especially if you are a newbie and not confident.

  10. Your tattoo is usually 100% "healed" within 2-4 weeks. That being said everyone differs and if there was an issue with your tattoo, it may take longer. Some suggest a full heal can take 3-6 months. "Dirty" aka Madame Verveine is your tattoo artist at the BeWitchy store. We do not take manual bookings for tattoos as she is currently only open to repeat clients and friends. That being said, if you would like a consult she is currently only working in black and white, any design (no portraits and no colour) and you will need to shoot us an email (include pics) - we will then let you know if she will consider completing your design, when and the cost. You may wish to put her witchy skills at work by asking her to create you a custom sigil tattoo or to put intention into your tatt ie a current client has experienced feeling more confident due to the "intention magick" placed into her tattoo. Another who has a protection symbol tattooed on her, feels as if she is genuinely protected and is experiencing less issues. A 3rd client always felt "frumpy and undesireable" and is now experiencing men being more attracted to her "they keep staring and the tattoo and are obsessed with me"... whilst we have all had a good laugh about it, including our client, the truth is, a tattoo can be more than just a piece of art or ink on your body - let's take it to a whole new level of awesomeness!

BeWitchy Tattoo Balm
Tattoo Balm

If you found this article helpful, please leave us a 5 star review and explanation as to why you left it. We appreciate your support and grateful you found us here. When you give to the universal energies that be, they give to you. When we take and give back a little somehow, it creates good karma ;)

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