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Beginners Witchcraft (basics)

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💰 We will from time to time update the course or add more bonuses ie videos, audio, pictures and content. You will receive an email or msg pertaining to this as it happens. 🪄As these come about, we will message you via the course program. UPDATE: All quizzes are now up to date and are really low key ie not hard or monstrously cruel. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 💕TBC = To be completed. A great little course for those wanting to step out of the closet, explore what witchcraft is all about and all that jazz! Ultimately we are all learning all the time, so even if you are an advanced witch, there is no harm in opening the imagination! 🐍This course includes a basic understanding of: History, Types of Witches and Witchcraft, Tools, Moon Phases, Protection, Pagan Holidays, Herbs, Spices, Tools, How to cast a circle, How to cast a spell, and so much more! Course comes with notes and links, will take you outside of the course program. And essentially is considered a basic course, although we have received rave reviews already on how informative the course is. COURSES ARE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. YOU MAY NOT SHARE YOUR CONTENT OR SHARE ACCESS TO THIS COURSE. CONTACT US FOR COMMERCIAL RIGHTS AND CONTENT FOR PURCHASE. BeWitchy is many registered trademarks. BeWitchy® BeWitchy Life® We service and sell worldwide. ©Copyright protected 2024. All Rights Reserved. You may not copy or reproduce without permission or entering into a Reseller rights contract. If you would like a copy of our content, please buy the resellers version. Thank you.

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